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Poetry Terms 7th grade Unit 1

No description

Mandy Jeter

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Poetry Terms 7th grade Unit 1

Poetry Terms
Unit One 7th grade a writing technique that writiers use all of their
senses to help create a vivid picture for the reader.
The senses include:
taste Sensory Imagery Similes: compares two things using like or as
Metaphors: compars two things NOT using like or as Similes/Metaphors giving human characteristics to something non-human Personification an exaggeration that is not meant to be taken literally Hyperbole an expression that means something other
than the literal meanings of its individual words. Idiom a phrase that has two words that are contradictory Oxymoron How the literature makes me feel is the mood
Tone is all about, the author's attitude Tone/ Mood the patterns of rhymes used in a poem Rhyme Scheme The arrangement of a line of poetry by the number of syllables and the rhythm of accented (or stressed) syllables Meter a person, place, or thing that represents an abstract idea or concept Symbol Examples of Sensory Imagery
= ice-cold strawberries
=stick my toes in the warm, grainy sand
=salty beach air
ice cracked against the living room window
flash of lights in the night sky I like to go to school
and follow every rule
I want to do my best
to pass every test I like to go to school
I do my best
I follow every rule
and pass every test a single line of words in a poem
(like a sentence) Line one of the divisions of a poem composed
of two or more lines Stanza
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