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02.06 Medieval Europe and Japan: Developing a National Identity.

No description

Rebekah M

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of 02.06 Medieval Europe and Japan: Developing a National Identity.

The Magna Carta has helped establish a special system for equality and structure, now I'm
addressing my need for egalitarianism and organization Chores Privacy Family Matters Sharing my stuff The Last Straw 02.06 Medieval Europe and Japan - Developing a National Identity Everyday I have to clean my sisters room, toys. My sister's make the biggest messes, they don't take my dog out so he uses the bathroom in my room and I have to clean up all of his messes. I have to vacuum and wash the rugs, clean the bathroom,sweep and mop the downstairs floor, and clean the dishes. I have to complete all of my school work and house chores at the same time and It's very stressful.So I demand less chores so I can finish up my school work. Privacy to me is very important.I hate it when my sisters come into my room without knocking, barging in as if it's their room. I expect for no one to come in my room without knocking, the only exception is if they knock. when I'm not home I expect people to not come in my room, so I lock my door but when I get back my door's wide open and most of my stuff is out of place, my dog's on my bed and I'm missing a whole bunch of stuff. Lastly everyone in my family expects so many things from me, It's super stressful. Sometimes it's just too much ,so to alleviate some of my stress I just block everyone out, tell them to leave me alone and I listen to music so I can think and focus on what needs to be done. It's very important that my family understands I'm not perfect, I don't always get the best grades, I don't always make the right choices and they need to let me do things my way when it comes to school. Music helps me focus, they don't think so and they say that it's very distracting but it actually helps. Being the oldest sister out of 3 is awful. When I ask for something my sister wants the exact thing and gets it where as for me I don't get it. I wanted a skateboard and my sister wanted one after I had asked and she got one, I didn't. I get accused of doing anything and everything that why i ask not to be judged and culpable for things without solid evidence. I expect to be treated like a 15yr old not a 5 yr old. Following the previous statement about siblings, having to share things with them is annoying especially with younger ones, this is because they literally break everything.I feel like i should be the one to say with who and what my stuff goes to. My sister always asks to borrow clothes,shoes, hair extensions, make-up etc. I let her borrow my new flats one day I got them back all scratched up and dirty.
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