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Science Analogy

No description

H_ Raymond

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Science Analogy

Cell Analogy for Mr.C
A complex animal cell...
Golgi Bodies
The outer layer of a cell, monitors the movement of substances in and out of cell, by keeping the good materials in and bad out.
For starters.. Just as a control tower directs the entire airport,by controlling the plane fluency. A nucleus knows how to function the cell by telling the cell what to do. Also, the chromosomes and DNA in a nucleus are the "blue prints" of a cell, and are just like how the control tower sends signals to direct the airport.
Can be compared to an airport
How does it work?
It can be compared as a control tower of an airport..
Let's start with the organelles.
The organelle that controls the cell. It also contains DNA and chromosomes commanding the metabolism and growth of the cell.
The Cell Membrane
It can be compared to the security gates.
A cell membrane is semi-permeable, it decides which substances should exit or enter. Likewise, the security gates of an airport allow most people through the gate but leave the unsafe members out. This organelle also may allow a certain substance in for a time but reject it later. Just as how a traveler may be safe once but if they bring unsafe items through the gate they may have to stay out.
It is a part of the cell that stores and ships proteins for transporting out of the cell. This organelle also transports oily substance known as lipids around the cell.
This organelle can be compared as a conveyor belt
It is similar to the baggage system or belt because the people in charge of the conveyor belt transports the luggage of the passengers out of the airport and into the plane. Likewise, the Golgi bodies packages the protein inside the cell, and sends it out of the cell.
A type of liquid substance in the cell, giving the cells its shape and keeps the organelles in place.
Cytoplasm can be compared to air.
The air surrounds the airport, and suspends the organelles. Just as how cytoplasm suspends the organelles and gives the cell its shape.
Endoplasmic Reticulum
An organelle that transports materials to another part of the cell. There is the rough endoplasmic reticulum, which has ribosomes connected to and the smooth E.R which doesn't have ribosomes.
It can be compared to the terminal
erminals in an airport serve as the purpose to transport others from the gate to the shops. Just as how an E.R. transport substances from one part of the cell to another area. The ribosomes are attached to the rough E.R's, just like in my analogy, where the airport workers are usually attached to the terminals.
Since ribosomes take information from the nucleus, the workers absorbs knowledge from the control tower( nucleus) knowing when to allow people through the gates. Also, some ribosomes are attached to the E.R., and workers are usually always in the (E.R.)terminals.
These are small round particles that consists of protein, and also directed by the nucleus. Some are attached the the E.R. but some are independent.
These organelles can be compared to the airport workers
Spherical shaped organelles that produces energy for the cell.
The main reason is because mitochondria produces energy for the cell to use likewise an airport relies on electricity to function.
Vacuoles (waste)
An organelle that stores waste and excess water for removal.
They can store trash and are removed when the can is full. Just how these vacuoles store waste until removal.
Vacuoles used for waste can be compared to garbage cans
They can be compared to electricity in an airport.
Vacuoles (nutrient/water)
Organelles that stores water and nutrients for the cell to use.
They can be compared to hangars.
Hangars store supplies for the airport, including the airplanes likewise vacuoles store nutrients and water for the cell.
It serves as the purpose of breaking down old and dangerous substances that lingers in the cell.
Lysosomes can be compared to the custodian.
Custodians clean the airport area so that it can become an area with clean and fresh environment. Likewise lysosomes break down the dangerous items in a cell.
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