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Chapter Summary of the book called there's a boy in the girl

No description

Aarthy Narainy

on 20 June 2015

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Transcript of Chapter Summary of the book called there's a boy in the girl

The hero of the book is Bradley Chalkers. This book shows the change of him from a BAD child to a good child . This is because of a counselor who had couselled him causing him to change . At first , he tells lies , fights with girls and the teacher say that he has a serious behavioural problem . No one like him and want to be friend except Jeff who is his friend for a while . Carla think that Bradley is sensitive and generous and enjoy his far fetched stories. She believes in him and thinks that he can change as long as he is not afraid of trying to the best of his ability.
Chapter 1 -10 summary

Chapter 11-20 summary
Chapter 21 - 30 summary
Chapter 31 -40 summary
Chapter 41-47 summary
Chapter Summary of the book called there's a boy in the girls bathroom
Done by : Aarthy
Date : 18 June 2015

Main Idea of the Book
Bradley Chalker is the trouble maker of the school. He usually sits at the back of the rooom-last seat,last row. No one sat in front of him. A boy named Jeff comes to the class and sits beside Jeff . Just like everyone he fails to become friends with Bradley . However, Bradley has a vivid imagination and can come up with good plot to lie. He has another character of being sensitive as he would spare some time to talk with is toys. Jeff who is a new kid needed to go to the counselor .As he didn't know where the counselors room was he accidentally steps into the girls bathroom . Colleen see him enter the girl's bathroom and blushes . I think she has a crush on him .
Colleen is having a birthday party . She wants to invite Jeff but thinks that it is a good idea to invite one of his friends . Since Jeff's only friend is Bradley she is upset . Bradley's plan to beat up the girls backfires when Melinda ends up punching him and making him cry instead. After this happens Bradley is upset with Jeff and tells his mother Jeff gave him the black eye. He eventually gets over it and wants to be friends again.Jeff becomes friends with Robbie, who used to call Jeff names, and some other boys from his class because they think he is the one who gave Bradley the black eye. He even begins telling lies to the counselor.Although Bradley tries not to show it, I believe it really hurt him that Jeff didn't want to be friends anymore. Colleen's problem has also been solved. Since Jeff and Bradley are no longer friends, she doesn't have to invite Bradley to her party.
Bradley is beginning to make a complete turn around. He now tells the truth and attempts to do better in school. He has even learned to like and trust Carla. Even his sister is stating to be nicer to him by helping him with his homework. I think up to this point Bradley has just been misunderstood. He seems like he really can be a good kid, he just needs someone to show that they care.

Jeff has switched places with Bradley. He has become a mean little trouble maker and some of the kids have started not to like him. He even tries to help beat up Bradley.

Carla is trying very hard to help Bradley become a better person. I think she is one of the only people who really understands him. Every child needs to have a teacher like her in their life.
Bradley Chalkers was doing his homework, being nicer to others, he and Jeff made up and he even made some new friends. His father taught him how to dribble and Colleen even invited him to her party. The Concerned Parents Committee for the school were very displeased with Miss Davis. They wanted her to be fired because they felt she served no purpose and should not be talking with their children. Miss Davis is eventually transferred to another school and Bradley is devastated. He no longer wanted to do his work, he didn't want any friends and thought Carla was a liar. He begins to turn back into old Bradley.

Bradley was supposed to meet Miss Davis at the school to help her pack up her office but he didn't make it in time. She left him the sweetest letter that brought me to tears. Bradley ended up going to Colleen's birthday party after all and he had a blast. He then wrote Miss Davis a really sweet letter back and gave her his favorite toy animal "Robbie". He had turned into a comletely different person. I think now everyone was able to see the good in Bradley, even Mrs. Ebbel. Throughout the book Mrs. Ebbel didn't seem to care much for Bradley and she did't try to make the students like him either. She talked negatively about him in front of other teachers and students. It was as if as long as Bradley didn't bother her, she wouldn't bother him. Almost as if he didn't exist.
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