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4 P's of Marketing: Krispy Kreme Analysis

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Samantha Zinko

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of 4 P's of Marketing: Krispy Kreme Analysis

4 P's of Marketing:

Dreamy Donuts
Established 2006, Queensland
Franchise company
4 categories prices based around for donuts:
- Traditional = $2.80
- Frosted = $3.40
- Soft-Centred = $3.70
- Gourmet = $3.95
1/2 dozen traditional = $14
Whole dozen traditional = $21.50
Located at free-standing stores, most
7-Eleven stores
e.g.: Krispy Kreme Whitfords, Perth CBD 7-Eleven
Effective placement due to increase in availability to customers, therefore increase in potential sales
Introduction of 1st Western Australian store, Krispy Kreme Whitfords, resulted in massive profits - 73,200 donuts sold on 1st day
Could become more effective through an increased number of stores across the country
e.g.: Myaree store, South Australian store
Donuts, coffee, milkshakes.
Well-known for delicious donuts
Highly received in public
Packaging types:
Paper bags, 1/2 dozen or full dozen waxed cardboard boxes

Nutritional Information:
Weight varies between doughnuts
e.g.: Original Glazed - 57g; Chocolate Iced Custard - 86g

Varies for each product, but all have tan coloured dough
e.g.: Original Glazed - slightly translucent white icing, light brown coloured dough

Over 300
Most popular = Original Glazed
Others include: Chocolate Iced Custard, Strawberry Iced, Kookies ‘n’ Kreme
Whitfords Store, Perth, Western Australia
Comparison of Pricing:
Dreamy Donuts is more expensive

Price range may be due to:
Business finances
e.g.: labour, resource usage, manufacturing
Introduction of new store in Perth; is cheap to gain customers, but likely to increase prices in future for profit
Krispy Kreme Australia uses:
- Posters
- Internet (social media)
Quite effective measures
- Posters draw in consumers, create desire and interest in product due to eye catching and fun ads
- Internet targets specific customer demographic more effectively; e.g.: 20 yr old social media users
- Customers involved within company
- Increased consumer knowledge in community
Target market = Australians: children, adults, "true blue Aussies", both genders
Differentiates business:
- can afford to make advertisements
- special flavours only available Krispy Kreme
- connects with Australian demographic due to brand image + poster construction
Assume brand is Australian if little known about company; appears to embrace and celebrate culture and good times
By Samantha Zinko
Poster Analysis
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