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Motivational quotes

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Alejandra Hernandez

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Motivational quotes

Successful flight
Motivational quotes
Not only is it possible to have your dream but its necessary.
Protect your dream.
Stay hungry stay foolish.
If you can stand or not stand out.
Your time is limited.
Walk by faith not by sight.
What goes around comes around.
Pay now or pay double.
Nobody can get your goods.
Your only enemy is you.
Have the courage to follow your heart.
Easy is not an option.
It was hard but it was worth it

Not only is it possible to have your dream but its necessary.
Protect your dream
The quote "protect your dream." to me its very important. Don't ever let somebody tell you you can,t do it. Many times people can't do it so they tell you, you can't do it. Protect your dreams, take care of your dreams, and never give up because of negative talk of others. If you truly want something you have to get it yourself. In order to successful you have to protect your heart.
Stay hungry stay foolish
To me the quote "Stay hungry stay foolish." means do what you have to do to become what you want to be. I don't mean by stepping all over people to be at the top because "What goes around comes around." To me it means you need to do what you have to do to reach your goal. Even if you look foolish in other people's eyes because at the end you will be successful and soon they will admire your hard work once your successful. So stay foolish. Be hungry by wanting more success and work.

Also by staying hungry it basically means don't settle for less always strive for the best of the best. You have not time to settle down you always have to work to accomplish your dreams for future . By staying hungry and foolish you can be successful and accomplish anything you want.Never settle for something good always want better.
If you can stand or not stand out
Your time is limited
Walk by faith not by sight
What goes around comes around
Pay now or pay double
The quote "Walk by faith not by sight." to me it means that you shouldn't wait to see success randomly come into your life. Don't quite because you don't see anything bright in your life. You need to walk by faith. walking by faith to me it means to have faith even if you don't see things you want happening right now , but you have to have faith that it will get better.Belivie that you will be successful and that even though you might not be in a place you think you should be in to have better future you should have faith and believe in yourself. You have to have faith to be successful .
The quote " Your time is limited ." to me it means that you can't waist time. You have to take opportunities and chances in order to be successful. You can't be successful just by words you need to show action. Don't wait any time if you really want to be successful go for it. Don't wait because time passes. Your time is limited you need to have a plan to be successful. You do what you need to do in order to be successful but you can't waist any time.
The quote " What goes around comes around." to me it means be careful how you treat people around you. You have to treat your peers how you want to be treated. Don,t disrespect others because you never know if they could be you future boss. Even if you have low expectations for them treat them the same. Even is they're different put yourself in their position before you disrespect other. If you miss treat some or disrespect someone you you might get the same pi of their mind someday.
Nobody can get your goods
Your only enemy is yourself
Have to courage to follow your heart
Easy is not an option
It was hard but it was worth it
The quote " Not only is it possible to have your dream but its necessary." to me it means you can accomplish your dream and you need to accomplish your dream. You can make your dream come true if you do everything you can if you really want to. It necessary to be successful. Its necessary to become whatever you want to be in life. Do whatever you do to accomplish your dream.
The quote " If you can stand or not stand out." to me it means if you feel like you can't because many people can't you just have to stand out. To stand out is to be different, to not give up like the others. and to try your best not like the others. Be yourself everyone ells is already taken. Be different because its not necessary to join the others because there's already to many that aren't standing out. Don't be like others.
The quote " Pay now or pay double."
To me it means either you do your hard work now or later you'll regret it and then you'll have to do more work. You can't quit because later it will be more you have to do to make up your errors . At the end it will be worth it if you don't quit. But if you quit now it will be harder at the end. Don't stop because then it will be more stressful .
The quote "Nobody can get your goods."
to me it means that nobody can take your dreams away. You have to protect your dreams. You can't listen to negative talk. Others can't destroy your dreams. You can't let anyone make you think otherwise.
The quote "Your only enemy is yourself." To me it means that the hardest person you have to deal with on way to success is yourself . By this I mean that you my have hard times pushing yourself. It might be hard to have self- discipline. Dealing with yourself is hard if you have negative thoughts or negative self- talk. You might feel like quitting but you have to push yourself not to fail. You have to work things out between yourself.
The quote " Have the courage to follow your heart." to me it means that you do what you feel is the best thing to do for your life. If your passionate about something you love to do then you will follow your heart and do it. If you have something planned out for your future that your sure of then make it happen. Do what you know is best for you. Follow your heart for every step you take.
The quote " Easy is not an option." To me it means that to have a successful future things will be hard. Things don't come perfectly or just out of nowhere without you working . Don't expect others to help you or for anyone to do things for you. Success doesn't just come into your life randomly you have to earn it by give your time and working hard . You have to make a sacrifice.
The quote " It was hard but it was worth it ." to me it means that all hard work will pay off. At the end your a winner. At the end all the sacrifices you made will be worth it. All you did was for the best. At the end you will be successful and you will be happy for what you did. You will be glad you made the right decisions .
If you have any dreams or future plans on being successful then have hope. Many times I get confused on what I'm capable of doing. I think about it everyday and its stressful to think that you may not be able to have a successful future. But then I get this feeling and confidence that asks me if I will let negative talk destroy my future plans for the rest of my life. So I set a goal knowing that I will accomplish it. When I set my goal I think about my family knowing if they could go back they would try to have a successful future. I want to show my family that its possible and not to fail them or myself.
Many times people will tell you their opinion about our dream. You have to remember that sometimes their opinions can hurt you, but you have to follow your heart and do what makes you happy. Even if people might doubt you but you need to remember you're following your dreams not others. Step up and protect you dream . Be firm and stand with pride. You can't let people's opinions about your dreams affect you. At the end you need to follow your dreams.
The only person you'll have to deal with the most is yourself. Don't let yourself fall deep in the wrong path. You can also be the only friend you have in your successful. You can keep it 100 with yourself knowing you got your own back. You can support yourself . You don't have to worried if someone will fail you because you won't depend on anyone. The only person you depend on is yourself.
Respect is very important in the road of success. You have to respect the people that surround you. You never know they can be yo future boss. Treat others how you want to be treated.
Love the people around you. Show people that you are full of joy and love. By showing love you need to respect and and be kind to people. Have a kind heart.
Team work
Teamwork is when you work with others . You help each other.You will work together to do better.
Honesty is to be real and to just keep your word and not lie. To be honest is to be real and always do whats right.
To have a goal is to have something planed out. To try your hardest to reach your goal. To reach somethings you really wanted to do.
Do what you love to do. Follow your heart and do what you love doing the most.
Is to stay true to what you do. To keep it real on what you want.
Keep track of what you do. Stay organized. Do what you have to do without people having to tell you.
Trust that everything will be alright. Trust that you are able to be successful.Trust your effort.
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