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Are We too Dependent on Computers?

Argument Topic

Eduardo Castro

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of Are We too Dependent on Computers?

Argument Topic
Are We Too Dependent On Computers?
Can you believe that just forty years ago there were many people who had never even seen a computer? Now there are computers almost everywhere. Computers have become a part of our life. Do you think we’eve become too dependent on them?
We are not too Dependent on Computers
Are We Too Dependent On Computers?
Not really, it was the man who invented the computer. Computers do not support our lives like air, water, sunlight and food. These are all basic needs; if they are not present we would die, but if computers weren’t present we could still survive.
To Counter Argument
We only use computers to make our lives easy. Computers are like tools, and you cant ever be to dependent on tools. Tools allow us to perform better and produce more. studies actually showed that by listening to a specific type of music students actually have the highest focus & retention benefits.
Counter Argument
Computers are like tools and they are helpful but once there more advanced we are going to use them for more and more things. Computers can also be a distraction like when doing homework we have to look up a song to listen to or your friend told you about this video and you just had to see it or your self so you decide to watch it and then you forgot you were doing homework.
We are too dependent on computers
People are losing their ability to function without a computer. Memorization is a thing of the past; we now depend on our computers to find the answer for our homework. Also when typing an essay, we copy and paste and finish the essay with a few sentences of our own. We no longer worry about what we are writing or typing because we all use a word processing program that has spellchecker and checks for grammar mistakes or we use abbreviations.
Counter Argument
Computers users suffer from diseases and
health risks .They don't known that sitting
in front of computer for a long time is very
dangerous. Radiation comes from screen
affect on eyes which computers users cannot
see everything clearly with high resolution or
real scene. Magnetic field affect on brain which
can't arrange memories correctly. Computers
also affect on macules because the main
substances in blood doesn't reach to
macules which need those substances
to make power and move.
To Counter Argument
Computer can also help us. computers are used in hospitals to detect cancer and tumors on people. they also use then to look at some ones x-rays when someone had a broken arm or leg or just got hit in the head with a bat.
Computers have become a part of our lives but they don’t help us live and if computers did not exist we would still be able to survive. Although I don’t agree that we have become attached to computers and that we depend on them to do things for us. Also some people actually do the homework right and don’t look up an answer from our homework or typing an essay by coping and pasting and when there is a test we pass it because we actually do the homework by looking through the book. I belive that we don’t depend on computers to live but we use them to help us and do better in life.
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