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Junior College Prep Night

No description

Shayla McGlothan

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of Junior College Prep Night

Junior College Prep Night
Career Assessments
College Admissions Tests
College Search Process
HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarships
Ms. McGlothan - College Adviser
High School Checklist
"Before anything else, preparation is the key to success."
- Alexander Graham Bell
Be on track to graduate

Be familiar with www.GAcollege411.org & www.gcic.peachnet.edu
Taken the PSAT
Be involved in extracurricular activities
Make good grades
Prepare for SAT/ ACT
Financial Aid
Upcoming Events
2nd Annual Spring College Fair -
Wednesday, Feb. 25th-During All Lunches
Follow on Instagram @dawgs2college
Search for scholarships
Search for colleges, majors, apply to colleges, and send transcripts
Research admissions requirements
Financial Aid timelines
3 Parts: Critical Reading, Math, & Required Writing Test

Score Range: 600-2400

Penalty: 1/4 point subtracted for each wrong answer

Score reporting: Up to 4 Schools

Cost: $51

Remaining Test Dates: March 14, May 2, June 6
5 Parts: English, Math, Reading, Science, & OPTIONAL Writing

Score Range: 1-36

Penalty: NO Penalty for wrong answers

Score Reporting: Up to 6 schools

Cost: $52.50 (includes writing)

Remaining Test Dates: April 18, June 13
***Fee Waivers***
Kennesaw State University
SAT: 490 CR & 460 M
ACT: 20

Georgia State University
SAT: 1030-1200
ACT: 22-27

University of Georgia
SAT: 1200- 1400
ACT: 28-32

Test Score Requirements
HOPE Scholarship
3.0 GPA in core classes*

Rigor Requirements**- must pass two rigorous courses
Receives ~90% of public institution tuition
Zell Miller Scholarsihp
Receives full tuition at public institution
3.7 GPA in core classes*
Rigor Requirements**- must pass two rigorous courses
1200 on SAT (CR & M) or 26 ACT composite score
* Core classes: English, Math, Science, Foreign Language, and Social Studies)
** Rigor courses: Advanced Math/Science/Foreign Language, AP courses in core subjects, or dual enrollment courses
What students should consider when picking a school:
Academic Qualifications
College's ability to meet financial need
Majors offered
Social/Emotional Fit
College Admissions Factors
Strength of curriculum
Test scores
AP courses
Create a list of potential schools that includes at least 1 of each of the following types:
"Safe" school- likely to admit
"Target" school- similarly competitive with current students
"Reach" school- less competitive
Get involved now!
Get to know your teachers well
Start a resume
Start the scholarship search now
Finish junior year strong!
Financial Aid
To receive federals student aid, the student and parent/guardian must complete the FAFSA (Free Application For Student Aid) www.fafsa.ed.gov
Jan. 1st
Grants, Loans & Work-Study
Private Scholarships
Follow on Twitter @Dawgs2College
Hope & Zell Miller Grant
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