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Let me introduce myself


samir benzenine

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Let me introduce myself

Love all sports
"The game isn't over till it's over."
International Context
"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."
Raised in a multicultural environment
Traveled widely
Love of all sports
A passion for IT
Problem solving in the hardware and the software fields
Computer networks configuration
Web design and development
Client relations
Thirst for knowledge
French equivalent of A-level
Baccalaureat STI Electronic Engineering
Applied Physics
Electronic Engineering
Mechanical systems
Vauvenargues high school in Aix en Provence, France
Development of a website for a company selling equipment for renewable energy
French higher education diploma
DUT Networks and Telecommunications
Science and Humanities
(including mathematics, physics and introduction to business)
Computer Science and Electronics
(including Object-Oriented programming, client/server Web applications)
Networks and Telecommunications
(including Internet technology, Wide Area Networks, Carrier Networks, network administration, digital signal processing and advanced networking)
10-week work placement
Development of a website for a shipping company
Offering information about the company
Allowing customers to carry out bookings
12-weeks work placement at RCS London
an I.T. services supplier
Had to adapt to a British working environment
Developed my technical skills

(from remote and on-site IT support to network installation and configuration)
BEng Multimedia Internet Systems Engineering
Engineering management
Multimedia signal processing
Internet engineering
Object Oriented programming
Internet programming project
Digital broadcasting technology
Optical and wireless communications
Java programming
Embedded and real time systems
Computer systems
1-year work placement at Cisco in Bedfont Lakes

as Web/Mobile software engineer
Working as a member of a software development team
Developing user-faced web/mobile applications
Assessing technical feasibility including proof-of-concept solutions
Analyzing customer requirements for new projects
Contributing creative design ideas
Main project: secure messaging system for group conversations accessible from desktops and mobile devices
I have become a highly adaptable person
Thanks to my professional experience, my mixed cultural background and my extensive travels
With a Broad knowledge of:
Information Technologies
Web design and development
Alpha Service & Maintenance
"Internet is the fabric of our lives."
professional experience
personal initiative
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