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The Curious Incident of The Dog in The Night-Time

Oral Presentation

Izaiah Farrell

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of The Curious Incident of The Dog in The Night-Time

THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME Major Characters Christopher Francis Boone The main character in The Curious Incident of The Dog in The Night-Time is Christopher Francis Boone. He is a 15 year old boy living in Swindon, England with his father. He has a form of autism that is classified as aspergers syndrome. Christopher knows all the prime numbers up to 7, 057, and he knows all the countries in the world and their capital cities. Ed Boone Ed Boone is Christopher's father, and he is a major character in the novel. Ed was always there for Christopher, through every tantrum, to every emergency his son went through. But through a traumatizing experience when Christopher finds out his father had been unfaithful to him, Christopher feels threatened by his father so much that he decides to find his Mother. His father is the reason for the main plot in the story, which is also significant for the title of the book. Mother of Christopher Christopher's mother is unnamed in this novel. Although she is mentioned by Christopher many times, he refers to her as "Mother". Until the middle of the book, the mother had "died" of a heart attack. We soon find out she had not died, but left Christopher and Ed due to the overwhelming circumstances that the autistic child made for her. When reunited with her son, she becomes more aware of her lost feelings for Christopher and treats him like gold. Siobhan Siobhan is Christopher's Special Education Teacher. Christopher describes her as a long brown haired young women with glasses which were made of green plastic. Siobhan assists Christopher when editing his novel, and is always there for him when he wants to talk about a personal problem or when he is practicing his maths. Setting In the beginning of the novel the setting takes place in Swindon, England. Christopher then travels through England on a train in search for his Mother. He then finds himself living with his mother for a short period of time in London. Conflicts Death of Wellington Physical/Mental Condition Father's Unfaithful Behaviour This novel is clearly based on a dog, his name is Wellington. At the beginning of Christopher's story he explains how he walks outside to find his neighbours dog dead with a pitchfork threw his stomach. Christopher then starts his detective work to find out who exactly murdered Wellington. This is the beginning of the major conflict which includes Christopher running away from his father. Mark Haddon writes a passage before the beginning of the book telling the readers that he had spent part of his life assisting autistic children in a learning center located in Oxford, England. Christopher is assumed to have autism in this novel, and this disability follows with many man vs himself conflict. The reactions that Christopher has towards open places, and changing of schedule is a significant conflict in this novel, sometimes resulting as a threat to survive. Ed Boone, Christopher's father, told his son that his mother had died of a heart attack when he was 13. He also lied to Christopher by telling him he didn't know who killed Wellington, when in the end, Ed had killed the dog. These were the lies that set Christopher's ambition through the roof. Christopher runs away the night that his father was caught red handed, by confessing the murder of Wellington. Theme: Autism Language and Communication The Curious Incident of The Dog in The Night-Time has many themes, but the most distinct one would be Autism Language and Communication. This theme is identified through the perspective Mark Haddon chooses for this novel. Christopher Francis Boone is a very intelligent teenager with much knowledge involving space, the maths, and Sherlock Holmes. He has to deal with society beating down on him with negative stereotypes. Autism may be a disability, but there is much more to it then what people assume. After getting to know Christopher, you would realize he is just like everyone else, except he might fear specific situations that you wouldn't mind. PLOT BREAKDOWN -takes place in the year 1998 in and around the town of Swindon, England.
-Christopher John Francis Boone discovers the slain body of his neighbor’s poodle, Wellington, on the neighbor’s front lawn one evening.
-His investigation is at times aided, and at other times hampered, by the mild form of autism he lives with.
-Christopher hits a policeman in a misunderstanding at the scene of the crime, the police take Christopher into custody.
-They release Christopher with only a stern warning, under the condition that he promises to them and to his father not to look into the murder any further.
-Christopher chronicles his investigation in a book—the book we are reading—as part of a school assignment.
-Christopher investigates the crime scene and conducts interviews with the residents of his block. I recommend this book to each and everyone single one of you. The language is simple. The plot is incredible.

It is truly LIFE-CHANGING. -He discovers that his father and the owner of the slain dog, Mrs. Shears, had a romantic affair.
-He subsequently learns that their affair began in reaction to another relationship, one carried on between Mr. Shears and Christopher’s mother, before she disappeared from Christopher’s life.
-At school, Christopher prepares for an A-level math exam that will enable him to attend a university.
-Upon returning home one afternoon, Christopher accidentally leaves his book in plain view on the kitchen table. His father reads it, becomes angry, and confiscates it.
-Later, Christopher searches for the book and uncovers a series of letters, hidden in a shirt box in his father’s closet, addressed to him from his supposedly dead mother. -The letters chronicle a life that his mother has continued to lead with Mr. Shears in London and contain repeated requests for Christopher to respond.
-In shock, Christopher passes out in his bedroom surrounded by the evidence of his father’s deception.
-His father comes home and apologizes for his lies, explaining that he acted out of a desire to protect Christopher from the knowledge of his mother’s abandonment of the family.
-Christopher’s father also admits to killing Wellington after an argument with Mrs. Shears, his lover.
-Christopher, now terrified of his father and feeling he can no longer trust him, sneaks out of the house and travels to London to live with his mother.
-During a harrowing journey, he copes with and overcomes the social fears and limitations of his condition, dodges police, and almost gets hit by a train.
-His arrival at his mother’s flat comes as a total surprise to her, as she had no idea that Christopher’s father had been withholding her letters.-Christopher settles in for a time at his mother and Mr. Shears’s flat, but friction caused by his presence shortly results in his mother’s decision to leave Mr. Shears to return to Swindon.
-Christopher moves into a new apartment with his mother and begins to receive regular visits from his father.
-When Christopher’s pet rat Toby dies, Christopher’s father gives Christopher a puppy.
-At school, Christopher sits for his A-level math exam and receives an A grade, the best possible score.
-The novel ends with Christopher planning to take more A-level exams in physics and further math, and then attend a university in another town.
-He knows that he can do all of this because he solved the mystery of Wellington’s murder, was brave enough to find his mother, and wrote a book.
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