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The Accreditation Machine

No description

Lily Rabinoff-Goldman

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of The Accreditation Machine

(Not by Rube Goldberg)
Just to review...
You have developed surveys,
Collected data in focus groups and conversations with faculty, staff, students, alumni and families,
Generously responded to each other's requests for information and expertise in your area(s) of the school,
And written drafts summarizing your findings.
3. Finally, the moment you've all been waiting for:

Make recommendations!

(Woo hoo!)
Yay! We've come so far!
And now is the time to begin compiling the work you've done this year.
And now we can begin!
Today's task is to take all the information you've gathered, and the rough drafts you've written, and to consolidate it into what will be the first part of our Self Study report.
The Accreditation Machine
Some things to keep in mind:
Try and prioritize your recommendations -- two or three well-phrased, significant revisions, are more likely to effect real change on our school experience than 20 technical fixes
It's totally fine for you to identify a problem but not yet know the right solution. One way to phrase this is a recommendation to say, "research this area further" or "Gann should consider," etc.
And finally...
Please avail yourselves of Ralph and me if you have any questions.

I'm so excited to learn more about Gann through your work!
1. The first step is to put all of your write-ups together into a single document, using the template your chair has.
Start with the official indicators that NEASC provided, then add in the indicators that your committee developed.

2. Once you've read over the full description together, consider the picture of Gann as a whole in the area covered by your standard(s). As a group, develop a list of the notable areas of strength and weakness in that area of the school.
Don't worry if the writing style is inconsistent. That is what the literary stylings of Ms. R-G are for!
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