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No description

Leidy Manzano

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of ONE DIRECTION

Presented by:
Leidy Manzano & Jader Caicedo
Our Heros
It is a British-Irish boy band formed in 2010 in London, UK, by program The X Factor. Is made up:
Harry Styles
19 years old
Liam Payne
20 years old
Zayn Malik
20 years old
Niall Horan
20 years old
Louis Tomlinson
21 years old
Process in the Factor X
Wax Dolls Of One Direction
New York
These dolls are replicas of each of the members of one direction. And were conducted in two cities: London and New York.
Campaigns One direction
Red Nose Day
1D + OD Together Against The Bullying'
'Wallace & Gromit's
Grand Appea
They traveled to Africa to make a version of One Way or Another, and donated the money raised to help Comic Relief organization. (Organization that raises funds for victims of natural disasters or economic disadvantage in Africa and the United Kingdom)
Participated in the American
campaign aimed at
combating school bullying.
A platform that is responsible for informing and helping cancer patients.
Organized to raise money for Children's Hospital Bristol solidarity.
Proyects One direction
These guys in their solo auditions failed to move to the final stage, it was there where they joined as a band.
Action Dolls of One Direction
One Dream, One Band, One Direction
The Second:
Take Me Home
The First:
Up All Night
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