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tessla calvert

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By: Tessla Calvert Clarence Triggs The New Town Working at the Mill Marching in Bogalusa Less than a month later Triggs was marching alongside other protesters at a civil rights demonstration, he was found dead next to a car, with a bullet wound in his head. The murder was ever really explained, people tried figuring out what happened but they were turned away, even his wife Emma could not identify her husband's body, He was 24 at his death.
Believing the cops were trying to cover up the murder, the CRL's called for nightly marches until the were put into jail. Then two days later, 2 white men were arrested (Homer Richard Sceale) & (W. Copling Jr.) they charged them with the murder because they found there finger prints on the steering wheel and on a broken bottle next to the car by Triggs body. Among all the white workers that worked there there was a large number of the KKK members.
In fact, Bogalusa was believed to have more KKK members per capita than any other region of the south in the mid 60's. Throughout 1965 & 1966 blacks had more than 100 marches for equality in jobs and politics, they also tried to protect themselves against the continuing threat of whites. 1 protest ended in violence when a mob of white men attacked black march, white police officers beat blacks. Clarence Triggs was many of the blacks in the protests. Alot of people didn't know who he was. The Civil Rights Movement Clarence Triggs was a black man that moved from Jackson, Mississippi to Bogalusa in early July in 1966. He was in the army and he was also a brick layer. He moved because he was in search for a better life for his wife (Emma) and himself. The new town that Triggs moved to (Bogalusa) it was still a Jim Crow type of town. In this new town blacks were segregated on the job. The Crown-Zellerbach paper mill is where most people worked was segregated also blacks had to use separate facilities. And was payed less. The Death of Triggs Jury trial & why is the important? A jury deliberated less than an hour later before finding Copling was innocent, Seale was never tried. Why is this case even looked at? Because in the Civil rights movements they could careless what happened to the blacks so in this case they just had to find someone to blame. This case will always be a mystery no one will ever know who shot Clarence Triggs.
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