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Problems in Tourism in baguio

No description

Reuel Regalado

on 2 March 2014

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Transcript of Problems in Tourism in baguio

Problems in Tourism in baguio
Problem of statement
A.) What are the problems encountered leading to Disatisfaction during these seasons of festival in Baguio city
B.) Why some people are not coming back to baguio during this peak season
C.) How to avoid declination of tourists during Panagbenga?
Backgrounder / Introduction
Baguio City.

Situated amidst the mountainous region of the Cordillera, 1,400 meters above the sea, 250 km. north of Manila, Baguio City is one of the few places in the Philippines blessed with a cool climate. On the average, Baguio is at least eight degrees cooler than any place in the lowlands. Not surprisingly, Baguio has become the "summer capital" of the country. It is gifted with a variety of cultural, historical, and scenic attractions which make it an important and interesting destination.

We know that tourism is one of the important factors in economic growth of a specific country, city, community or place. It’s important in society because in provides employment to unemployed people, It plays a social role in society and increases the level of popularity of a place where they become tourists spot, It somehow decreases poverty living and the most important role of tourism is, it increases the internal revenue of the territory. We need to avoid declination of tourist in Baguio City so we can maintain its benefits to avoid the economic downfall. There are factors where we can resolve this issue.
We had conducted a quantitative research. We will also got in touch with the authorities to get data. We had to have a survey to the tourist to have their opinion and examples for us to identify the problems regarding the tourism declination here in the city that occurred before and some solutions or advises that may execute at the moment and on the future
-Below is a graph of the tourism in Baguio city annually from 1990-2010.
Source: Office of the city and planning and development coordinator, Baguio City
-Below is the graph of City’s Annual income from 2004-2008..
Source: Commission on Audit, Baguio City
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