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Mercury Element

Element Research Project

Danica Capili

on 1 June 2014

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Transcript of Mercury Element

Danica Capili
Element Research Project

The History and Discovery of Element
Element Name
Atomic Number
Atomic Mass
Element Symbol
There are 8O protons
There are 8O electrons
There are 121 neutrons
Group # - 12
Group name - 12B
Mercury is located in Period 6
Bohr Diagram
of Mercury
Sources of the element
Major Uses of Mercury
Line Spectra Emission
of Mercury
At room temperature mercury is a liquid
Its melting point is -38.83 Celsius.
Boiling point is 356.73 Celsius.
It is said that mercury is found in the earth's crust. And it is found in coals. When you burn coal, mercury is released into the environment.
Mercury is used for multiple purposes. In lab work it is for creating thermometers,
barometers, diffusion pumps, and many other scientific instruments. Also, Mercury controls electricity and is used to produce mercury-vapor lamps and advertising signs, mercury switches and other electronic apparatus. And mercury is being used to make pesticides, cercury cells for caustic soda and chlorine production, dental preparations, anti-fouling paint, batteries, and catalysts.
It was the ancient Chinese and Hindus who were among the first people that discovered the element Mercury. It was first discovered in Egyptian tombs in 15OO B.C. And the element got its name from the Greek word "hydrargyrum." Meaning "water-silver" because the liquid form is water and shiny like silver. And was named after a Roman God and planet Mercury
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Mercury the Roman God
Planet Mercury
An Egyptian Tomb
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