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Frozen Charlotte

No description

Regina Claphan

on 22 December 2016

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Transcript of Frozen Charlotte

The majority of the book
Frozen Charlotte
was based on the isle of Skye in Scotland. The beginning of the book is in the United Kingdom, then the main character goes to visit family on the isle of Skye. The place the main character goes to is a place that is near a cliff and beach of black sand. The time isn't specified, but it is based in the present because there are smart phones.
The Setting
The main character in this book is Sophie Craig. The antagonist isn't revealed until the end of the book so I want to keep it a secret so you feel compelled to read the book. Some of the other characters who aren't the main characters but are pretty important include Cameron Craig, Lilias Craig, Piper Craig and Jay. Jay's last name isn't said, so you get the name Jay. Also, Sophie's Uncle James is another semi-important character.
One theme in this book is loyalty. When Sophie's friend dies right after they both use a Ouija board that says her friend will die that day, and she doesn't just curl up in a ball and do nothing. Well, she does curl up in a ball for a little while, but she gets up and does something to try to catch the ghost that killed her best friend. Another theme is responsibility. Cameron, Sophie's cousin, pretty much took care of his little sister, Lilias, when their mother was admitted to a mental hospital.
One conflict is that the main character, Sophie, has to deal with the fact that her best friend died, and she also feels obligated to figure out what happened. An external conflict is that there are people and things, who are evil, and they are trying to manipulate her.
By Alex Bell
Book Report by Regina Claphan

Frozen Charlotte
A symbol in this book is the Frozen Charlotte doll. There are dozens of them and they show up in the majority of the book. Another symbol is the clifftop. This is a physical feature of the setting, but it is an important element because Sophie's cousin died after she fell over the cliff, and Sophie is continually warned away from the edge of the cliff in the book. Sophie also has a close encounter with the dangers of the cliffs when she nearly falls off of them and dies. One more symbol is the Ouija Board, which pretty much causes all the events in the book.
This book is more of a horror story, and the tone is serious and dramatic. It is not meant to be a comedy, and the seriousness is obvious from the beginning in the prologue. There are some serious events, some that happen before the beginning of the book, that are described, and they are support of the plot. An example is Cameron, Sophie's cousin, an amazing pianist, burning his hand while saving his little sister from a burning tree house. When he burns his hand, that affects his piano playing. He can only play with one hand. Another is when Rebecca, Cameron's little sister he saved, died when she froze to death on a ledge sticking out of a cliff face. It was winter, and she lost her coat, and they were also right next to the sea.
The thing that started it all.
The zero is circled for a reason. If you want to know, you should read the book.
Quote #1
This quote is spread out throughout the course of the book. It is a poem that, at the beginning of each chapter, a couple of lines are written.
"Now Charlotte lived on the mountainside,
In a bleak and dreary spot.
There was no house for miles around,
Except her father's cot.

And yet on many a wintry night,
Young swains were gathered there.
For her father kept a social board,
And she was very fair.

One New Year's Eve as the sun went down,
Far looked her wishful eye.
Out from the frosty window pane,
As merry sleighs went by.

In a village fifteen miles away,
Was to be a ball that night.
And though the air was heavy and cold,
Her heart was warm and light.

How brightly beamed her laughing eye,
As a well-known voice was heard,
And driving up to the cottage door,
Her lover's sleigh appeared.

"Oh daughter dear," her mother cried,
"This blanket round you fold!
It is a dreadful night tonight,
You'll catch your death of cold."
"Oh no, oh no!" Fair Charlotte cried,
And she laughed like a gypsy queen.
"To ride in blankets muffled up,
I never would be seen!"

My silken cloak is quite enough,
You know 'tis lined throughout.
Besides, I have my silken scarf,
To twine my neck about.

Her bonnet and her gloves were on,
She stepped into the sleigh,
Rode swiftly down the mountainside,
And over the hills away.

With muffled face and silent lips
Five miles at length were passed,
When Charles with few and shivering words,
The silence broke at last.

Such a dreadful night I never saw,
The reins I scarce can hold.
Fair Charlotte, shivering faintly said,
"I am exceedingly cold."

He cracked his whip,
He urged his steed much faster than before.
And thus five other dreary miles,
In silence were passed over.
Said Charles, "How fast the shivering ice,
Is gathering on my brow."
And Charlotte, still more faintly said,
"I'm growing warmer now."

So on they rode through frosty air,
And glittering cold starlight.
Until at last the village lamps,
And the ballroom came in sight.

They reached the door and Charles sprang out,
He reached his hand for her.
She sat there like a monument,
That has no power to stir.

He called her once, he called her twice,
She answered not a word.
He asked her for her hand again,
And she still never stirred.

He took her hand in his,
Oh God! T'was cold and hard as stone.
He tore the mantle from her face,
Cold stars upon it shone.

Then quickly to the glowing hall,
Her lifeless form he bore.
Fair Charlotte's eyes were closed in death,
Her voice was heard no more.
And there he sat down by her side,
While bitter tears did flow.
And cried, "My own, my charming bride,
You never more will know."

He twined his arms about her neck,
He kissed her marble brow,
His thoughts flew back to where she said,
"I'm growing warmer now."

He carried her back to the sleigh,
And with her, he rode home.
And when he reached the cottage door,
Oh, how her parents mourned.

Her parents mourned for many a year,
And Charles wept in the gloom.
Till at last her lover died of grief,
And they both lie in one tomb."
Quote #2
"Jay and I were both giggling now, like little kids, but his next, and final, question made the laugh stick in my throat. "When will I die?"
This time, the planchette gave a different answer. It whizzed around the board aimlessly once again before clearly spelling out seven letters:
Quote #3
"Thanks," I said. "And thanks for holding my hand when the lights went out."
He gave me a sharp look. "I didn't hold your hand."
A prickly feeling started to creep over my skin. "Yes, you did."
"Sophie, I didn't. You must have... You must have imagined it. It was pretty crazy in there."
Quote #4
"But he was already striding towards the door and, although she tried to stop him from entering the room, he pushed past her roughly.
I hurried in after him and gasped.
Broken keys, cut strings, splinters of glossy wood.
Someone had done their very best to destroy Cameron's piano."
Quote #5
"'My best friend died," I said, finally managing to say the word. "Before I came here."
Cameron frowned. "Yes, I know," he said. "And I'm sorry. But I don't see what that-"
"We were at this cafe, messing around with a Ouija-board app on his phone," I said. "When Jay asked me who we should speak to, I said Rebecca-her name just popped into my head. And then the board confirmed it was her. I know it sounds ridiculous, but you weren't there. Something terrible happened that night. All the lights in the cafe went out, everyone started screaming, one of the waitresses was horribly burnt. And Jay died. I think we spoke to Rebecca and she got out of the board and now I've brought her back here to the house with me. She's angry and she wants something, but I don't know what it is.'"
-Jay talking to Sophie
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