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Controlling the Work of Teachers

Seminar Presentation - ED 532

Karen Beck

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Controlling the Work of Teachers

Controlling the Work of Teachers Seminar Presentation
ED 532 - Spring 2013
by: Karen N. Beck Initial reversion to old methods once classrooms doors closed

Gradual acceptance of new constraints, workloads, expectations

Adaptation of priorities to fit new curriculum schema and increased expectations (student mastery of prescribed content, test scores, etc.)

Increased sense of a lack of control over teaching content, priorities

Ironically - a new sense of professionalism

Taylorism - Management technology of de-skilling workers and separating creative process and execution of tasks.

Intensification - Process of increasing demands and constraints on teachers to the extent of a wide-felt sense of being over-whelmed (no time to relax, reflect, connect with peers, keep up with the profession). Effects Like in a factory, where workers are asked to do more with very little extra time, to increase productivity as a main focus...


Effect is often felt in the other place where most teachers also work - in the home. Restriction of creativity, autonomy

Separation of conception and execution of curriculum

PROLETARIANIZATION - Process whereby people move from employers, self-employed, or unemployed to being employed as wage workers. Class and Gender
Curriculum Control
- 1950s and 60s Height of Cold War, US schools thought to not be keeping up with other nations.

Large push to "legitimate" content being taught

Resulted in a rise in prescribed, teacher-proof curriculum (rigorous, systematic) Controlling the Work of Teachers Teacher Reaction
Effect on the Work of Teachers Written by Michael W. Apple

Appears in Part 3 of The Curriculum Studies Reader - Reconceptualizing Curriculum Theory

Written in 1986

Proceeded by 1983 report
A Nation at Risk
Teachers have historically found themselves in 2 classes simultaneously - Middle and Working Class

Patriarchal organizational structure - Schools have historically had male leadership and mostly female teachers

Teachers have found ways to "carve out a sphere of power"
Terms to Describe How the Work of Teachers Has Been Controlled
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