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Reconstruction Under President Grant

No description

Christina Arias

on 14 November 2018

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Transcript of Reconstruction Under President Grant

The Freedmen's Bureau
Created by Congress in 1865
Created to assist former slaves and poor whites in the South
Food, housing, medical aid, schools and legal assistance were offered from the Bureau
Was eventually shut down in 1872
shortage of funds
white southerners in power pressured the close of it.
Pain --> Hope -->Pain again
Pain: Under slavery, slaves had:
No rights
Had family members sold away
No representation within the Government
Forced labor
Hope: After the Civil War:
Slavery is banned
Free to work for wages
families reunited
could go wherever they wanted

Pain Again: During Reconstruction:
Sharecropping established
Certain rights restricted
White leadership gains control of Southern Government

Election of 1868
Grant wins election for multiple reasons
He was a Civil War Hero
15th Amendment:
granted African American men the right to vote
Grant was popular with African Americans
His slogan was "Let's Have Peace" & "Party of Lincoln"
Post Civil War millions of ex slaves are in need of land
Government officials fight over best way to help with this problem.
Sharecropping was in many cases the only option former slaves had
system where former slaves would rent a certain amount of land and in turn share a certain amount of the crops they growed
this resulted in sharecroppers owing more than they had to landowners
many families ran into debt and poverty
The 3 Conflicting groups in the South

Northern opportunists who rushed into the South to make $$$
got the name b/c of a misconception that they brought everything in small bags made of carpeting
white Southern Republicans thought of as 'greedy rascals'
made up of small farmers who didn't want former wealthy planters to get pol. power again
African Americans:

majority voted for Republican party
Few scalawags refused to fight for the rights of African Americans
Major Corruption
As you watch this video, write 5 examples of corruption during Grant's Presidency. When done write a reflection stating whether or not you think Grant could have done more during the Reconstruction era. Give examples supporting your thinking.
Reconstruction Under President Grant
Catalyst: What characteristics make a good leader? List 5 Characteristics

Think-Pair-Share: Does being a good general mean Grant will be a successful president? Why or Why not?
Politicians in the North corrupt
give out jobs and contracts in exchange for political support and bribes
William Tweed head of this corruption
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