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What Can Older People Learn From Our Generation?

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Jacey Luna

on 14 December 2015

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Transcript of What Can Older People Learn From Our Generation?

Misconceptions about Millennials
Betty Dunbar(Age 73)- "The youths that I've come across are obnoxious," she says. "Respect? I don't think there is any."
John Hemsley(Age 83)- "single-parent families, they aren't families because they're missing so much," he said.
Margaret Climpson(Age 83)- Has "no close connections with people whoa re black. When I was young I had never seen a black person walking around the streets in England so you can understand what a change it is," she says.
Other Testimonies
Roy Hone(Age 83)- spent a week with 24-year-old Zoe Day
He said it felt like he got "a new lease of life". "I shall go back invigorated and I'm thinking about doing all sorts of things as a result."
Trevor Syson(Age 69)- bonded with 21-year-old Jonny Rowland over their love of music
"If you start thinking you're old you'll get old. You need to still think you're young," says Trevor. "I felt younger by many years just being around Jonny and his pals."
Let's Clear Things Up
Betty- spent time with a 19-year-old named Jace Russel
"I think it has reignited a little bit of youth in me because I've done things in which i didn't think I could manage to do."
John- spent time with 18-year-old Estentia Davidson-Porter
"I'm pleasantly suprised," he says. "She's an exception to what I'd believed all my life."
Margaret- also spent time with Esentia and her family
"In the future, however hard it may be, I'll keep my judgements to myself about people until I figure out who they are," says Margaret.
Other Testimonies cont..
7 Things We Can Learn From Younger Generations
by Yagana Shah
1) ""Just keep pedaling" said by my grandson when he was 7 and he was teaching a friend how to ride a 2 wheeler. It says so much!"-Sue Ditmire.
2) "My children have taught me to be more tolerant and open-minded of others,"-Cheryl Weisser.

3) "Face Time on my phone - now I can talk to my little ones whenever they need me,"-Linda Counselman Greene.
4) "I've kept current with music because of my son. I listen independently of him now and even introduce him to the occasional performer,"-Jamie Wieloch Greco.

5) "Learning how to communicate to my adult daughter as an adult,"-Chrissie Johnson.

6) "I discovered Breaking Bad because of my kids: loved it!"-Charlene Rotenberg Mandelbaum.
7) "They have reminded me how to play,"-Vincent Aurelius.
Other Testimonies cont..
I Want to Be a Millennial When I Retire
by Jim Sollisch
Jim's son Max(Age 25)-singer/song writer who loves his job
Not successful by society's standards, but by his standards
Dad admires him



What Older Pepople Can Learn From Our Generation:
Enjoy Life
Only Happiness Can Measure Success
Never Stop Improving
Stay Open-MInded
The Use of Technology
Have fun
What Can Older People Learn From Our Generation?
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