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Isabella Corodva

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

E-COMMERCE how has internet changed
society. If you order you can wast your money because sometimes the order is not how you wanted. Many times in Amazon or E-bay the things that they sell are already use or with bad quality . The package can get lost in the airport. If the package is heavier than you expected you have to pay for extra weight. I you live in a a place where there is not the clothes brand that you like you can go online and find it there. This also happens with books or electronic devices, you can go to a web page and find anything you want from computers to tooth brushes. instead of going to the mall you can lay dawn in your couch with your computer and buy from there! It has changed society in many ways. Before people had to go to stores that were far away and very expensive or even make clothes or things by themselves. It has changed from: struggle a lot to get things, to just lay down buying it when maybe the brand that you like is in the other side of your country. In conclusion, it has changed society by making it more advanced and modern. e-commers help us because you can order things from other countries or cities with out having to make a long trip to buy them or have any problem. thanks for waching =) Benefits my shopping list

E-commerce is another word for
electronic commerce
e-commerce is a type
of an industry in which you can buy or sell a product or a service what is E-Commerce? So, how has it changed society? aaaa facts in the year 2012 70% more people accessed online sales from a mobile device than in 2011

25% of sales in the store JCpenny are made via mobile

global e-commerce sales with hit close to $1 trillion this year

e-commerce shoping online how can e-commers help us 2 t-shirts
3 jeans:
dresses shopping on the internet is so much easier!!!
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