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Dachau and Concentration Camps

Prezi about Dachau and Concentration Camps during the Holocaust

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Dachau and Concentration Camps

The Original Plan
Forced Labor
Death or Concentration Camp?
Concentration camps were different from extermination camps.
Built and established in March of 1933, was the first concentration camp founded by the Nazi party. ("Dachau")

The people that were in concentration camps were Jews, Gypsies, and various other groups that Hitler discriminated against. ("Dachau")
Dachau and Concentration Camps
The Reichstag Fire Decree in February 1933 gave the Nazis the authority to put people into ‘protective custody’. (Goss)
Dachau was located on the grounds of an ammunition that had been abandoned just 10 miles away from Munich. ("Dachau")
In the first years most of the forced labor consisted of expanding the grounds. When World War II began, most of the labor went to making supplies for the war.

The first concentration camp, Dachau was built in 1933 soon after Hitler became chancellor in January 1933.Twenty two other concentration camps were established between these years. ("Dachau")
The people in concentration camps were forced to work in factories or at the concentration camps to make weapons and supplies for the German army. This is why Concentration Camps are also known as Labor Camps. ("The Holocaust: Concentration Camps")
Concentration camps were placed throughout Germany and German occupied countries. ("Holocaust | Concentration Camps")
As soon as Hitler came into power he wanted to get rid of the "others". Instead of just killing them, they were put to work until Hitler could find out what to do with them. ("Concentration Camps")
Although there were a lot of deaths, it was mostly due to poor conditions and starvation. ("Dachau")
Upon their Arrival
It is estimated that between 500,000 to over three-quarters of a million people died in concentration camps. At least 50,000 died at Dachau alone. ("Holocaust | Concentration Camps")
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When people arrived at concentration camps they were stripped of everything, this process dehumanized them. ("The Holocaust: Concentration Camps")
SS Officials
Dachau was where SS guards were trained as it was considered a model concentration camp. It was expected that all other concentration camps would be run exactly as they were running things around Dachau. The commander that ran Auschwitz, Rudolf Hoss, was trained at Dachau. ("Dachau")
Dachau was created to hold political prisoners of the Third Reich. Many of these people weren't Jewish. They were Social Democrats and German Communists that Germans blamed as the cause of the Reichstag fire (Goss)

Plans Change
The decision to approve the Nuremberg race laws in 1935 caused an increase in Jewish prisoners (Goss).
"Work sets you free"
Things We Never Knew
Dachau had gas chambers
They performed medical experiments at Dachau
When Americans were going to Dachau to rescue the prisoners, they found 30 railroad cars filled with bodies in the state of early decomposition that had been on their way to Dachau.
From 1933 to 1945 the prisoner count was over 188,000 people.
In five years alone over 28,000 people were killed or died of the awful conditions.
There were also many unregistered prisoners that died that were not counted.
It is thought that the true death toll will never be known. ("Dachau")
In The End
Smaller camps, about 30, began to pop up around Dachau. These camps employed 30,000 prisoners making war supplies. (Goss)
As the war ended, many concentration camps were evacuated and prisoners were transferred to different camps. They were forced on death marches and open rail cars in the middle of winter so that they would not be liberated. ("Dachau")
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