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The circulatory and digestive systems

No description

Kalin Meske

on 3 November 2016

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Transcript of The circulatory and digestive systems

the lungs-
(circulatory system)
the lungs are major part of the systems because;
source of Oxygen that is needed for daily functions
the only way to excrete carbon dioxide
The circulatory and digestive systems
the heart-
(circulatory system)
the heart is the most important part of the
body it transports oxygenated blood and used (carbon dioxide rich) blood.
the arteries
(circulatory system)
the next important part of the body (aside from the brain) helps to transport blood (necessary for living)
(digestive system)
the liver is the organ that produces the enzymes necessary for food digestion
The stomach-
(digestive system)
The stomach is the main point in food digestion it churns and uses enzymes to break down nutrients and those nutrients get absorbed into the circulatory system
The gallbladder-
(digestive system)
the main function of the gallbladder to
store and concentrate bile.
the pancreas-
(digestive system)
the pancreas releases digestive enzymes into the small intestine to break down nutrients further.
the large intestine-
(digestive system)
the large intestine is were the nutrients and vitamin K is absorbed into the body to be used later on.
the small intestine-
(digestive system)
the small intestine is were some absorption happens
The rectum/anus-
(digestive system)
the final stage in food digestion; excretion were the remains of the food get removed from the body.
Thank you for your time
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