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Business Etiquette in Australia

Dos and Donts in Australia

patrick Musyoka

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of Business Etiquette in Australia

BusIness culture In AustralIa 1.Australian people
2.The DOs and the DONT's
3.Similarities between Australia and Korea.
4 Differences between the two cuntries.
5 Conclusion.
DOS and DONT's in Appearance:
Men wear a conservative dark business suit and tie.

Women may wear a skirt suit, a dress, or a skirt and blouse.

Men should not become physically demonstrative with other men or wink at women.

DOs and DONT's Behaviourwise:


Good eye contact during conversations and meetings.

Gift giving is not very common

When out for dinner, a round of drinks or lunch you do not pick up the tab out of turn and always pay when its your turn.

Directness and brevity are valued.

Active listening. Ask if you do not understand.

Opinions are respected and opiniated conversations are entertaining. SIMILARITIES IN CULTURE AND ETIQUETTE

Politeness is highly valued and appreciated

Formal wear is important.

Opinionated conversations are appreciated.

IN Conclusion

Business etiquette around the world is almost Universal.

Look good, be polite, listen and speak when required to.


Going out for drinks on working nights.

Paying for the tab out of turn.

Directness and brevity.
Need to know about Australian People:



Geert Hofstede says that attempts of ingratiating would probably be met with rebuff.
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