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No description

Catrina Varnum

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Introduction

Bucket List
Go to germany to find out more about me my last name.
Go skydiving.
Go on more mission trips
Adopt children. (When older)
Buy land and build a farm.
Take my mom swimming with dolphins.
Travle Around the world
Help people; donate blood, put a smile on sick peoples face, and donate stuff/ money to poeple who ne
Catrina Varnum
I love to read manga and sometimes novles.

I like music, I will listen to anything.
8 Random Facts
I had a baby girl and gave her to a good family. It's open so I get pictures.
I love working/ play with children.
I have lived in Texas, Maryland, and Connecticut.
I have gone to Florida. My mom, sister, grandpa and me went. We went to Universal Orlando, Kennedy Space Center, and Gatorland, and other places.
I don't know much about texting.
I dont care for some technology.
I love taking pictures. Potograghy is going to be my side job.
I am a Christian. I got baptist this summer in the Finley River. I went on a mission trip to Omaha, Nebraska.

My last name is german.
Varnum is a farm in Germany.

My daughter
I know I have been talking about my daughter but I did something most other girls around my age could not do what I did.
I gave her up to a good, nice, young but not to young family. I had family, friends, church people, and school people being there for me.
If you want to know more just ask me.
Animals I like

This is some of the animals I like
Some manga I read
My Mom; Carrie & Sister Jianan

My Grandpa
My Stepdad; Charles
Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Missy

And a new family member
The Eslinger and their new baby, a gift from me
I love food

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