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Crooked smile

No description

Mellyssa Viele

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of Crooked smile

The rhyming pattern in this song isn't consistent, however for the majority of the song it is AABB
What emotions are evoked from the lyrics and music? Clearly explain how the music relates to the lyrics.
What message is the song trying to convey to the listener?
The message that the song is trying to convey is not to worry about your appearance or let your insecurities get to you and to embrace what god gave you.
What is the rhyming pattern?
Crooked smile
Here is a video of J. Cole talking about the meaning of the song himself.
"We don't look nothin' like the people on the screen
You know the movie stars, picture perfect beauty queens"
The emotions that are evoked from the lyrics and music are compassion as well as a little bit of frustration on J. Cole's part, because he is frustrated that people care so much about fitting in.

The music does suit the lyrics because he is rapping the lyrics and the beat goes with it.
J. Cole
The song is about embracing your flaws. The title of the song is crooked smile and him having crooked teeth is the man flaw he refers to in the song.
What is the song about? What does the title have to do with the song?
Rapper/Singer Name: J. Cole
Full Name: Jermaine Lamarr Cole
Born in Frankfurt, West Germany.
Born January 28, 1985
His father is African-American and served in the United States Army, and his mother is white.
At the age of 8 months, J. Cole relocated to Fayetteville, North Carolina, where he was raised by his mother, aunt and cousin. His father left the family when J. Cole was still young.
He started rapping at the of age 12, then became serious about it at the age of 15.
What three figurative devices can you find in the lyrics? Highlight the lines and explain each one.
Three figurative devices in this song are:

This is a simile because it is comparing people in the real world's looks to the celebrities looks that we see on tv.
"I ask if my skin pale
Would I then sell like Eminem or Adele?"
This is a simile as well because he is comparing himself to white singers asking if he would make more money if his skin were pale.
This song has a good message for young people who are behaving and dressing certain ways to fit into what is considered “cool”.
What three poetic sound devices can you find? Highlight the lines and explain each one.
Three poetic sound devices in this song are:

The chorus:
On my way, on my way, on my way down
On my way, on my way, on my way down
You're the one that was tryna keep me way down
But like the sun, know you know I found my way back 'round
These lines are part of the chorus, they repeat several times throughout the song.
J. Cole wrote the song Crooked Smile to talk about how successful you can be without fitting the media standard. Smile is a metaphor for all the physical attributes of a person that have no impact on your character. You don’t need to have a great smile to live a fulfilling life.
In the line “A perfect smile is more appealing but it’s funny how. My smile is crooked look at how far I done got without it.”, he mentions how better teeth are more appealing, but it doesn’t matter because he chased his dreams and did what he set out to do.
"With all the pressure to look impressive and go out in heels; I feel for you
Killing yourself to find a man that'll kill for you"
This is a hyperbole because it is an exaggeration. The women aren't literally killing themselves.
There are many rhymes in this song. One example would be:
"We don't look nothin' like the people on the SCREEN
You know the movie stars, picture perfect beauty QUEENS"
"I ain'T gon' siT around and fronT like I ain'T thoughT abouT iT"
This line in the song is a consonance because you have repeated consonant sounds at the ending of words placed near each other, on the same line
What is the style of music?
The style of music is rap.
We chose this particular song because we really liked the meaning and the message that it delivers and we liked the song itself since we both love rap songs. It goes to show that you don't need to change for anyone or to fit in, that you're perfect the way you are.
Thank you

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