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Paws & Claws

No description

Jonathon R

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Paws & Claws

What Did We Do?
How Did We Do This You Might Ask?
First we made some posters that had pictures of animals on them. (cats and dogs)
Next we put out a message on the Spartan Scene to get the word out.
Things Did Not Go As Planned
We ended up not being able to find a time to meet or a table to use, so we switched gears.
Why Did We Get These Results?
We struggled a lot with meeting to do the donation table, so no money was raised.

To get around that, we switched goals to better accommodate the needs of the shelter. Which are volunteers, supplies, and people to donate.
What We Could Have Done To Improve
Next time we could be more organized, and more committed to the cause. We should not procrastinate our project and find more ways to help out.
Paws & Claws
We planned to raise money that would be sent to Paws & Claws and to talk to some of our classes to spread the word.
The Results
We weren't able to get any donations for Paws and Claws. On the other hand we were able spread the word about Paws and Claws both through our classes and the Spartan Scene. The Spartan Scene was very helpful in getting the word out to a large audience.
By: Allie Hanson, Alexis Herrera, Jonathon Ross
While spreading the word about Paws & Claws, we got several people interested, and we are considering volunteering ourselves.
Why Did We Do this?
The average cost of saving an animal is anywhere from 6,000 - 15,000 dollars.
6 to 8 million cats and dogs enter shelters each year.
Not enough is being done to fund the medical care needed for abandoned animals.
Paws and Claws needs money to provide these life saving procedures.
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