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Air Pollution

No description

Camryn Hood

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of Air Pollution

What is air pollution?
How do we solve it?

-What is a pollutant?
-Types of Pollutants
-Primary Pollutants
-Secondary Pollutant

What is Air Pollution
Public transportation or bike riding.
Avoid using diesel as much as possible
Use alternative energy sources such as wind and solar.
Turn off lights when not in use.
Avoid idling vehicles.

Burning Fossil Fuels
-Cleaning Supplies
-Painting Supplies
- Hydrocarbons
-Carbon Monoxide
Emissions from Industries
set an example
just tell the person not to litter
replace the bad habit with a good one
offer a better reward for the habit
Why Do People Litter?

no acceptance of consequences
Wind energy
Cost effective.
Provides job opportunities.
Constant flow of energy.
Does not pollute the air.
Can be placed in many locations.

Effects of Air

Effects on Environment
Saves time and energy
Saves money and materials
Less wasteful
Reduces amount of wasted materials
Reuses to conserve natural resources more.
Causes of Air Pollution

Alternate Fuels to diesel
Bio diesel
A Background of Air Pollution
Colored dyes in the water
Dust in the rain
L.A. Smog problem
What caused the smog?
Creates acidification (acid rain), eutrophication, gas ozone, particulate matter
Harmful to vegetation, buildings, soil, water, animals, humans
Water and soil becomes dangerous
Pollution can cause physical damage to plants (spots, discoloration)
Decreases production of precipitation
Exerts more cooling on the earth from clouds
Ancient Pollution
Roman Emperor Justinian
-Noticed large amounts of air pollution due to
wood burning.
-Declared clean air a "birthright"
Car exhaust
Babylonian and Assyrian Empires
Effects on Health
Level of risk determined by amount of exposure
Creates gas ozone, harmful to health of humans, plants, animals
Particulate matter can cause health risks
Affects immune system and brain (intelligence, cognitive functions)
Stronger effects on children and elderly
Neurological defects, heart and lung cancer
Leads to higher mortality rates
- Pollution in houses from cooking and heating with fires indoors
- Passed laws in an attempt to reduce air pollution
Coal (The Industrial Revolution)
- As wood fuel sources depleted, people began to use coal
- The coal was low-grade and caused serious health problems
- For instance, in 1873, over 250 Londoners died from coal factory smoke that had descended on the city.

Lack of...
Unknown Emissions from Humans
Air pollution harms plants.
Wind energy is expensive but provides many jobs.
- Donora, Pennsylvania, 1948
The 20th Century
- Dr. Harold Des Voeux, 1909
- St. Louis, 1929
This caused it!
Recent laws
- US Air Pollution Control Act of 1955
- London's Great Smog
- United States Clean Air Act passed in 1970
-This act placed restrictions and created regulations for pollution.
- Major revisions to the Clean Air Act were made in 1990.
- UK Clean Air Act of 1956
Current Problems
Beijing, China
United States
- Very polluted
- High amounts of PM 2.5
- Often in the "Hazardous" level
of the Air Quality Index (a score of 300-500)
- China will shut down coal fired power stations by 2016
- 53,000 deaths from vehicle pollution per year
- Electricity generation accounts for 52,000 annual deaths
- Worst mortality rate in Baltimore, Maryland
- California has the highest number of deaths;
22,000 yearly
Example of acidification
Effects of air pollution on environment
Effects of air pollution on health
* pink and orange arrows *
Name two advantages of wind energy
Which fuels help keep the air cleaner?
Which Roman first noticed air pollution?
Why was coal used during the Industrial Revolution?
Name two major causes of air pollution
What are secondary pollutants?
Does air pollution have
a negative impact
on water?
What are two effects of air pollution?

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