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Light Metering

Learning about the light meter on your camera and adjusting exposure compensation. Spot, matrix, and center-weighted...

Mr. Brash

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Light Metering

How much is enough? Light How Much Light? Light Metering Light Metering As a photographer, your job is to control and direct light onto the subject of the photograph. Knowing how much light you have / need is one of the most important skills of any photographer. Back "in the day", photographers had their assistant hold a light meter in front of the focal point to determine appropriate settings... Thankfully, our digital cameras have a meter built right into the camera!

And, there are several ways to "meter" a scene. Light The questions are: How much light and Where? (Actually there are a lot more questions but let's start with those two) Luckily, your camera can help you out with that by reading or metering how much light there is and showing you this on a chart. Our Nikons have the meter on the screen. And in the viewfinder... Nikon Canon Matrix = Evaluative Center-Weighted = Partial Samples Classroom Samples... Matrix / Evaluative Center-Weighted Spot Focal Point Matrix / Evaluative Center-Weighted Spot Focal Point Matrix / Evaluative Center-Weighted Spot Focal Point Matrix / Evaluative Center-Weighted Spot Focal Point Check with your manual to learn about your camera's specific metering modes.

For example: The Nikon D3000 "spot metering mode" meters on the focal point. Not all cameras are like that, some are always the center of the frame. Important Note:
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