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What is a synagogue by ethan and jack

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Elizabeth Harris

on 26 November 2017

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Transcript of What is a synagogue by ethan and jack

1. Q: What is the symbol that is always seen at a synagogue?
The symbol is called the Star of David
The word synagogue means a building like a church and a Jew's second home. The word come from Greece.
What is a Rabbi's role?
It's role is a teacher of the torah.
Synagogues have 3 main purposes.
1. house of meeting
2. house of pryer
3. house of studying
Which way does the "ark" face?
It faces the east (facing the holy city).
2. Q: The word synagogue means...
Rabbi →→
The torah is... a scripture written in a scroll.
What is the shabbat?
The shabbat is The 7th day of the week and is called day of rest in modern English.
Shabbat in Yiddish(jewish language)
Why don't the Jews touch the torah?
Because it is sacred, so they want to respect it.
Explain the Menorah
The Menorah is a 7 branched branched candlestick.
It symbolizes God's eternal presence and is therefore never extinguished.
What is the purpose of the eternal light.
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