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The Girl Who Owned a City by OT Nelson

No description

Hilary Torres

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of The Girl Who Owned a City by OT Nelson

The Girl Who Owned a City by: O.T. Nelson
Minor Characters
Protagonist: The Militia
The Militia is all the children from Grand Ave with Lisa as there leader. Lisa hated the way Charlie beat up Todd just because Tom Logan said to. Lisa had a disappointment just to The Chedister Gang, the Grand Ave Militias enemy.
Antagonist: Chedister Gang
The Chedister Gang has been hated by some of the Grand Ave Militia. Instead of just asking for some food, the decide to steal the food instead of looking for it. The Chedister Gang just wants food since they haven't found any, but they look for it the dumbest way possible, causing Todd to get hurt.
Main Characters
Lisa Nelson
Todd Nelson
1) Grand Ave the location of Lisa and the rest of the militia's homes
2) Glendbard, where they live after the Nelsons house fire
3) The Chamber in Glendbard where they have the meetings for the new city
Plot, Conflict and Resolution
The Plauge has swept out every adult in the world. The land is 100% children, with them looting every house they find. Lisa Nelson has been lootin every place that doesn't look empty, hoping to find canned food. Luckily, she found enough food for herself and her brother.
Lisa has seen that if she leaves Todd, alone, anything could happen, she realized this when she got home. Lisa went to the warrhouse she discovered, leaving Todd with the food they found, not knowing that any gang might strike to steal the food. Thats exactly what happened, that moment when the Chedister Gang beat Todd up, and ran with the food the got. That was 1 thing Lisa didn't want to happen, but when the Chedister Gang came to attack, Lisa had started to think about a militia to create, andthe Grand Ave. militia was made. They had gotten revenge on the Chedister Gang right when they decided to strike at the militia. Todd had hit Tom Logan on the head with a rock that knocked out Tom. For revenge back, the Chedister Gange had burned down the Nelsonshouse, leading Lisa and Todd to move in with Jill.
Lisa then decided to move the militia to a new place so then no more damage happensto the rest of the living Grand Ave. residents. They moved to Glendbard High School, which looked a lot like a castle. The 1st week there had to be no talking or screaming, no lighting candles up, or even standing near a window because, it could show other people there living there.
3 Major Events
1) Lisa's house was burrned down by Tom Logan, this is one major event because Lisa lerned that she needed to be more careful of what she dose because someone can be spying on you
Turning Point
The turning point of the book was when Lisa's nieghborhood moved out of thier homes into a new place. This was the turning point in the book because the kids in the nieghborhood loved thier homes ever since they were born, and the homes were a sign of safety, memories, love, and happines that they don't want to leave or abandon.
Opinions of the Book
Abigail's Opinion
Hillary's Opinion
I think the book was a great book, it taught children that at one point, there parents aren't going to be there, but they could do many things on there own. It also had taught that you can manage many things, not just cry if you lost someone, pic yourself up, and don't give up.
* Tom Logan- Gang Leader, Lisa's Enemy, Groups up with other Child Gangs
* Ericka- Craig's sister, decides to go live alone with his brother on the farm instead of Glendbard where they could be safe
Main Characters
Main Characters
Lisa Nelson has been living the rest of her life without her parents. The Plague has swept out all the adults in the world. Lisa has Todd to look out for, has more then just cry about being alone or doing nothing, hoping that something will come to help them. Many children are waiting for that opportunity to happen, when Lisa is looting each house for canned food for survival. Next thing you know, she has created her new city of Glendbard!
Todd Nelson is Lisa's little brother,and with Lisa as a sister both are always on a run while other kids crying and starving to death because they don't know what to do when the kids depended on thier parents
Craig is the oldest child in the neighborhood. In the militia, Craig was the general even though fighting is against his nature, he still tried his best.
Jill is next door to Lisa's house, in her house, Jill has lots of orphan kids who don't have older sibling's to help them out after the disaster. And after Tom Logan Burned Lisa's house down, Jill took Lisa and Todd to live at her house, as a good friend.
Charlie wanted to join the Chedister Gang to help his family by gather food, but Tom made him steal Lisa's food in order to join the gang. Now in the militia, Charlie took a role as a head counselor for the child-family and planing things with the other counselors.
2) The militia had its first attack by Tom and Todd did the right thing to realese a trap, because Todd is a model that the militia has to learn from in order to be strong and make a great militia
3) Todd look for help insted of crying, and blaming on the universe.So insted Todd look for Jill to take out the bullet and save her. This is an improtant event because Todd helped and save Lisa by using his brain and solve the problem
My opinion is that the book was awsome with kids living in a world with out parents to be supported. I would recomend this book to adults because, they might not even know that kids can be strong if they only trusted them.
The theme was that if you want to sucseed, you have to use your brain because when Tom Logan took over Glenbard, Lisa use her head to think of a way to get in and earn back her city, Glenbard
Abigail's Thought of the Theme
Hillary's Thought of Theme
I think the theme is leadership because, Lisa showed leadership every step of the way. Lisa had the idea of building the militia and she lead it to the saftey of Glendbard.
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