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US 1945 - 1968

No description

Eva Griffin

on 15 December 2011

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Transcript of US 1945 - 1968

levittowns = suburbs mass produced houses executive order to desegregate military GI Bill $ = college
$ = houses
$ = business SUBURBS consumerism
conformity National Highway Act network of 4lane (+) hwys to connect US
- for defense and economy National Defense Education Act federal $ for schools
- mainly science and math
-compete with USSR Brown v. Board of Education, Topeka KS -desegregation of public schools -argued by Thurgood Marshall (NAACP) Montgomery Bus Boycott - Rosa Parks
- lasted over a year
- buses were integrated Little Rock Crisis - 9 black students enrolled at Central HS
- protests/ Governor called in Guard to stop them
-Eisenhower sent in 101st Airborne to protect students (stayed whole school year) New Frontier JFK's plan for government action
-improve Civil Rights
-encourage civic participation
Greensboro Sit Ins - 4 studetns from NC A&T
-Woolworth's Lunch counter
-spread all over South
SNNC - Student Non Violent Coordinating Committee James Meredith at "Ole Miss" Assasination of Medgar Evers March on Washington -august 1963
-largest protest in history
MLK = "I Have A Dream" Speech
-led to passage of Civil Rights Act Assassination of JFK FLEXIBLE RESPONSE -JFK's foreign policy
- use many options to stop spread of communism
(CONTAINMENT) Alliance for Progress Bay of Pigs Invasion 1959 - Fidel Castro took over Cuba
- he was communist

- invasion to get rid of Fidel Castro
- failed Berlin Wall - constructed by USSR to keep people IN communist countries Cuban Missile Crisis - US spy planes discovered USSR missile sites in Cuba
-90 miles from Florida
- minutes away by nuclear missile - JFK orders blockade of Cuba
-prevent nuclear missiles from arriving
-USSR backs down Nuclear Test Ban Treaty -bans above ground testing of nuclear weapons SPACE RACE -goal: put man on moon
-before USSR Election of 1960 -first televised debates
-JFK beat Richard Nixon
-issues: civil rights and containment 1950's 1960's 1940's Berlin Crisis berlin airlift NATO Warsaw Pact US
USSR Russia gets the BOMB RED SCARE spy cases McCarthyism accusing w/o proof
using fear to get power hydrogen bomb TV Rock n Roll After WWII: Europe Divided Truman Doctrine CONTAINMENT stop the spread of communism first test of CONTAINMENT Greece & Turkey US gave them $ and aid to fight communists Iron Curtain Marshall Plan $$$$$ to rebuild Erope China becomes Communist Korean War 1st action by United Nations http://korean-war.commemoration.gov.au/flash/images/strategic-map-still.jpg Baby Boomers Nuclear Arms Race "Duck and Cover" fear of nuclear war fallout shelters Cold War: Brinksmanship massive retaliation Suez Crisis eisenhower doctrine Cuba - Fidel Castro u-2 Incident Bell Ringer 1. Explain this political cartoon:

2. Explain the policy of Containmnet "LBJ" lyndon baines johnson Great Society
War on Poverty civil rights WELFARE SYSTEM Medicare
Medicaid Housing civil rights AM. 24 Civil rights act
voting rights act
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