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The Paved Ground as a Reflecting Screen

No description

Seulgi Lee

on 11 November 2016

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Transcript of The Paved Ground as a Reflecting Screen

The Paved Ground as a Reflecting Screen
이슬기, 김은선
The Builders in charge of the lighting

had their own worries.
There was no easy answer to these

The surface is rough so that the

reflected light is scattered, lighting up the

interior evenly. The principle is the same as that

of a movie screen, which has a rough surface in

order to reflect the projected image equally to

all parts of the audience.
!오늘의 중요한 요점!
If가 있을 때의 시제
관계대명사의 계속적 용법
"Even if we build the throne hall facing south,

that's not enough to ensure that the interior will

get sunlight all day long," they said.
"And how are we going to keep the king's
face lit in winter when there's less

in charge of
-을 담당하는
in spite of=~despite
-에도 불구하고
for the purpose of
-을 목적으로
"We need something bright. What if we make

use of the part of the courtyard near the

One builder suggested.
If you step into the throne hall of
Injeongjeon in the day, you'll notice that it

is well lit inside. The key to this is the paving

stones on the courtyard. The granite is white and

somewhat glossy, making it highly reflective.
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