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Graphics and Icons

No description

jeannette jackson

on 8 February 2011

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Transcript of Graphics and Icons

Graphics & Icons Definitions & Descriptions Tips: Using Graphics Effectiviely Points to Ponder:
Relevant Academic Research The saying is:
A picture is worth a thousand words.
How many words
is more than one picture? The Ugly The Bad http://anselme.homestead.com/AFPHAITI.html What's Your Opinion? http://www.tripwiremagazine.com/2010/09/20-excellent-web-designs-making-heavy-use-of-illustrations.html The Good Graffiti Graffiti is writing
or markings, usually
placed in a public place. The Good Icons

http://jawoodworking.com/information/ The Good Photography http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/categories/departments/living_room/ http://www.timhortons.com/ca/en/index.html What do these icons represent? Graphics must serve a function/purpose.
“No purely decorative graphics” Use background graphics with care; they can eclipse the text! Use graphics that are as small in file size as possible for fast loading. Ensure that the use of graphics does not offend users from other cultures. Test your graphic on PCs and Macs: they display differently! Principles of
Effective Icon Design Choose the right metaphor. Choosing the right metaphor.“Toilet sign"  Consider your audience: language and culture or Keep icons simple and iconic: Do not use too many elements in one icon. Use text next to the icons, not text inside icons. vs. Do not choose or design icons in isolation. Never use too many icons. From education:
How do the well-chosen, designed graphics help the user-interface span cultural and language barriers? (Horton, 2005)

What important issues should be considered when designing images for use in multicultural online environments?(Knight et al. 2009)

How may illustrations attract attention, aid retention, enhance understanding, or create context? (The Instructional Role of Illustration, 2010)

How can we use graphics to improve learning, dealing with abstract concepts, parts and components, geography, statistics, data, etc (Using graphics to improve learning, 2010)

Menus constructed of a mixed format (text and icons) result in the fewest number of incorrect selections by users (Kacmar, 1991).

It is important to consider the incorporation of animated icons rather than static icons if the content of the icons is to be intrinsically meaningful to children ( Jones,1990) From other fields:
Public Communication-Traffic icons/signs for public facilities have been highly successful (AlGA 1981).

Medicine-(1)Well-designed graphics improve learning. However,nonessential multimedia distract learners and decrease learning (Cook, 2007), and (2) Icons improve comprehension of medication Information (Morrow et al., 1998).

Computer Science-(book),Graphics: principles and practice (second edition in C), covers topics such as interaction techniques, dialogue design, and user interface software (Foley,1996)

Commercial & Creative-(book), Pictograms, Icons & Signs: A Guide to Information Graphics, had detailed discussion of icons and pictograms: when is it appropriate to use them? What are their advantages? What rules must be followed? Etc. (Abdullah & Hubner, 2006)


relating to the visual or descriptive arts,especially writing and drawing;

products of the graphic arts as in design, drawings, illusrations, photographs and maps

visual images produced by computer applications;
explicit, extreme


symbols or small graphic representations, pictograms;

signs having characteristics in common with thing it signifies, analogy

a likeness, a character, a logo

religious, national, cultural, commercial Graphics/Icons for Communication:

Transformative U.Victoia Decorative Representative Organizational Interpretive Transformative Fatma, Gail, Jeannette, Phoebe Your Time To Play in the Playground Wiki: For Much More
Thank You http://jcqualitywoodstoves.com/ "Someone hands you a box filled with hundreds of colorful bottle caps and says,'Make these into a picture.' You know the outcome will be constrained
by the size, shape, and colors of the bottle caps.
That awareness of your medium and its constraints
is the mindset you need when designing with pixels."

(Kristof & Satran,1995, Interactivity by design, p. 68) Blurring Distinctions:
Computer Graphics Vector vs Bitmap GIF TIFF PNG PICT JPEG WMV SVG
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