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In Cold Blood Map 1

No description

Hailey Noller

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of In Cold Blood Map 1

''In Cold Blood''
The murderers and law enforcement

Perry and Dick stopped to shop for supplies.
Emporia, Kansas
Catholic hospital on the outskirts of Emporia, Kansas
Dick and Perry stopped to try and receive stockings from a Nun.
A restaurant in Great Bend, Kansas
Dick and Perry stop for dinner.
Hurd's Phillips 66 Gardencity, Kansas
Dick and Perry stopped to fill up the car.
Clutter home in Holmcomb, Kansas
Where the murders took place.
9:35 Sheriff inspects the scene.
Clutter home
hotel in
Olathe, kansas
Perry goes to sleep.
Dick's parents' farmhouse in Olathe, Kansas
Dick eats breakfast with his family.
The Kansas Bureau of Investigation in Topeka, Kansas
Ale Dewey is asked to take over the clutter case
Law enforcement meets in Gardencity, Kansas.

I will find
Special agents
Herald Nye,
Roy Church,
Ale Dewey,
Clarence Duntz
Then proceed to crisscross across the country side interrogating people.
Clutter home, Kansas
Investigators explore house top to bottom.
Eagle Buffet in Kansas city, Kansas
Dick and Perry stop to eat and plan their journey to Mexico.
Kansas City, Missouri
Dick and Perry pass checks at Shepard & Fosters, Rothchild's, and shoppers paradise.
Mr.Sands auto
repair shop
Olathe, Kansas
Dick and Perry cross the border into Oklahoma around midnight.
Dick And Perry Cross the border into Mexico the morning of November23
Loredo, Texas
San Luis Potosí Brothel, Mexico
Mexico City,
Jukebox Honky-tonk Acapulco, Mexico
Dick and Perry met Otto.
south— Cuernavaca,
Leave Kansas City
November 21, Saturday night
Little Jewel Cafe
Olathe, Kansas
Dick and Perry meet up to plan.
Dick and Perry get Mr.Sands Cadillac ready for their trip. Then Clean up afterward.
Dick, Perry, Otto, and Cowboy ride the Estrellita up and down the coast
Dick and Perry drove to Mexico City.
Dick and Perry drove back to Mexico City from the coast.
Mexico City, Mexico
The Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City, Mexico
Dick and Inez "hangout".
Clutter Home Holcomb, Kansas
The Sheriff and Investigators catch Adrian Johnathan Daniel prowling through the house.
A Hotel room in Mexico City, Mexico
Dick and Perry stayed and are now leaving, in early December
Barstow, California
Dick and Perry made here on there way to Los Angels.
Dr. I. E. Dale’s veterinarian
Garden City, Kansas
Ale Dewey picks up his cat.
Hartman’s Café
Holcomb, Kansas
Ale Dewey stops for coffee.
Ale Dewey walked the mile to River Valley Farm.
Dick and Perry hitchhike .
Mojave Desert, California on Route 66
Ale Dewey's office Kansas City, Kansas
They receive a call from a former cell mate of Dick.
Dick's Parents house in Olathe, Kansas
Special Investigator Nye interrogates Dick's parents over where his current whereabouts may be.
Mr.Sands Body Shop in
Olathe, Kansas
Special Investigator Nye interviewed Mr.sands.
Nye Drives near the Hickcock homestead to neighboring houses.
Nye asks for "directions" but really makes inquiries about Dick.
Hickcock Farm in Olathe, Kansas
Nye inquires about Dick and Perry some more.
December 16, 1959 Las Vegas, Nevada
Dick and Perry spent their first night here.
Herald and Nye inquired about Perry at a shabby hotel.
Las Vegas Police Department in Las Vegas, Nevada
Discussed the Clutter case with Lieutenant B. J. Handlon
Reno, Nevada
Nye makes is official report of his findings.
Post office in Reno, Navada
Nye sets out looking for the elder Smith but the post office said need look no further. When asked about him.
Perry's sister's house, Nevada
Nye and Guthrie questioned Perry's sister about Perry.
Army dormitory in Omaha, Nebraska
Dick and Perry spent the night here before leaving.
Ale Dewey's Home, Kansas
Truck driver gave Perry and Dick a ride across the state line.
Tenville Junction, Iowa
Dick and Perry ran through the rain near this junction and into a barn where they stole a car.
Perry washed Dick and Perry's clothes.
Washateria in Kansas City, Kansas
Kansas City airport, Kansas
Dick and Perry washed up and shaved.
Eagle Buffet in Kansas City, Kansas
Dick and Perry ate.
Markl Buick Company in Kansas City, Kansas
Dick stole license plates.
Kansas City Municipal Reservoir, Kansas
Dick dumped the Iowa plates
in the Municipal Reservoir.
Fill Station
Dick passed a check.
Dewey's office.
Dewey gets a call saying Dick and
Perry are in Kansas
Somerset in Miami, Florida
Perry and Dick stayed at the hotel for five days.
Dewey presents information to his wife
Drove through Missouri, into Arkansas,
over the Ozarks, into Louisiana, and stayed the night on the Alabama- Florida border.
Dick and Perry visit a Alligator and Rattlesnake Farm, and a roadside restaurant.
Tallahassee, Florida
Dick and Perry spend the night.
Galveston, Texas
Dick and Perry applied for jobs.
New Motel, Texas
Dick, Perry, and some hitchhikers ate in the hotel restaurant.
Post Office in Las Vegas, Navada
Perry picks up the box he addressed to himself in Mexico.
Post Office in Las Vegas,
Las Vegas police see Dick and Perry and follow them.
Las Vegas Police Department in Las Vegas,
Investigators question Dick and Perry
Arizona highway
Investigators drive a caravan with Perry in Dewey's car and Dick behind him.
Kansas city Court House, Kansas
Dick and Perry walk the courthouse steps.
State Gallows
Dick and Perry where hanged on Wednesday April 14, 1965 between midnight and 2:00 a.m.
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