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Elizabethan Era Occupations

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Josh Fletcher

on 21 February 2016

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Transcript of Elizabethan Era Occupations

Middle class
Middle class citizens could live comfortably, but they could become poor if they had bad fortune.
Upper Class/Nobles
Knights were one of the highest ranks in society below the royal families.
Lower class/Poor
Lower class people had hard and dirty jobs that were labor intensive and low paying.
Petty school was the elementary school of the time and was for boys 5-7.
Family Life
The main form of currency was coinage and the coins were worth their real value in gold.
The Elizabethan Era was a time with a variety of jobs and three main social classes. The poor had hard and labor intensive jobs while the middle and high classes had easier and higher paying jobs. The men worked and the women stayed home. Life was difficult during this era for people of all classes.
Elizabethan Era Occupations
Social Classes
Servants were part of the lower class; these people worked for the upper class and were paid very little.
Jobs were very hard to come by and many people were unemployed.
This class consisted of merchants, artisans, farmers, and service providers.
The middle class was mostly responsible for trading and producing goods.
The highest rank on the social ladder was the monarch and the 55 noble families of England.
The Gentry consisted of knights that were not born into a noble family.
The Elizabethan Era began in the year 1558 in England. During this time, there were many different jobs and three main social classes. Men were the family providers and women stayed home to care for the house. Some jobs require education, but very few people went to college.
Some children would be put into apprenticeships and became a master at the job later in life.
If the child was born into a poor family they would be put to work at a young age.
Girls would not be educated and would not be able to work.
Boys in noble families were taught by tutors at home.
Religion was taught in schools and was very important to them.
Very few people attended universities.
Men worked and made money for their families.
Women did not work but would stay home to care for the house and children.
If gold or silver prices rose so did each coin.
The main coins were pennies (d), shillings (s), and pounds (£).
Women were taught to obey and respect men.
Men were responsible to improve the family's position and class.
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