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Depth of Knowledge

No description

Shay Swan

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Depth of Knowledge

Depth of Knowledge
What is Depth of Knowledge
Blooms vs. DOK
The Depth of Knowledge is NOT determined by the
, but the
in which the verb is used and the depth of thinking required.
DOK Level 1
Basic tasks that require students to recall or reproduce basic knowledge and/or skills.

Emphasis is on facts and simple recall of previously taught information. This also means following simple steps, recipes, or directions.

At DOK 1, students find “the right answer,” and there is no debating the “correctness,” it is either right or wrong.
DOK Level 2
Mental processing beyond recalling or reproducing.

Requires deeper knowledge than just the definition.

Generally requires students to:
compare or contrast
convert information from one form to another
classify or sort items
describe or explain

Students must explain “how” or “why” and often estimate or interpret to respond.
DOK Level 3
Students must reason or plan to find an acceptable solution to a problem

Analysis or evaluation of a problem

Justify or support reasoning

More than one possible answer
DOK Level 4
At this level, students typically identify a problem, plan a course of action, enact that plan, and make decisions based on collected data.

Usually involves more time than one class period.

Multiple solutions are possible.

Students often connect multiple content areas to come up with unique and creative solutions.

THINK: Performance Tasks
What type of thinking (verbs) is needed to complete the task?
What is the DOK
What does that mean?
A model used to analyze the cognitive expectation demanded by standards, curricular activities and assessment tasks (Webb, 1997).
Recall and Reproduction
Skills and Concepts
Strategic Thinking
Extended Thinking
Identify and summarize the major events, problem, and solution in "Huck Finn".
Classify plane and three dimensional figures.
Explain the historical impact of the dropping of the Atom Bomb using examples from the newspaper article provided.
Solve a multi-step problem and provide support using mathematical language that justifies your answer.
Specify a problem, identify solution paths, solve the problem, and report the results.
Gather, analyze, organize and interpret information from multiple (print and non-print sources) to draft a reasoned report.
How deeply do you have to understand the content to successfully interact with it? How complex is the content?
Time to Practice!
Classify the following questions as DOK 1, 2, 3, or 4:

Describe physical features of Greece
Specify a problem, identify solution paths, solve the problem, and report the results
Analyze or evaluate the effectiveness of the concept of ‘groove’ in a musical composition
Identify elements of music using musical terminology.
Solve a multiple-step problem and provide support with a mathematical explanation that justifies the answer.
Compare/contrast health benefits of 2 different forms of exercise.
Explain the cause-effect of historical events.
Share out!
Time for one more???

Think of a lesson from this week or next.

Construct a DOK level 2 question to support this lesson.

Skills and Concepts - Applying factual learning at the the basic level.
Comparison of two or more concepts.
Let's write our own Level 2
Think of a lesson from this week or next.

Construct a DOK level 3 to support this lesson.

Strategic Thinking - Students must reason or plan to find an answer.
More than one correct response.
Let's write our own Level 3
DOK 1-
three characteristics of metamorphic rocks.
(Requires simple recall)

DOK 2-
the difference between metamorphic and igneous rocks.
(Requires cognitive processing to determine the differences in the two rock types)

DOK 3-
a model that you might use to represent the relationships that exist within the rock cycle.
(Requires deep understanding of rock cycle and a determination of how best to represent it)

SBAC Correlation
Identify the main character from the story "Huck Finn".
Ultimately, the DOK level describes the kind of thinking required by the task, not whether the task is difficult.
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