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Copy of Art Studio

No description

reta rickmers

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Art Studio

Reta Rickmers: Program Director
Mentor coordinator
Budget Coordinator
Clerical Support
Web page designer
The Art Studio students and parent The Cast and Crew An inclusive Leadership Team We have a strong
Community Advisory Board which includes students and parents. http://artstudio.pvhigh.org Check out our website! We have guest artists. San Francisco CSUC Art Department and gallery tour We go on field trips! The curriculum is “choice-based”. Students choose the subject of their art. Everyone gets a T-shirt. They can wear it as often as they like, and on T-Shirt Fridays, on field trips, at our art receptions and community events. At the end of the year, they either buy it for $5 or return it in good shape. Art History is part of the
design log. Their own special 11"x14" book to make art. City of Chico business sustainability logo design
Helping at Arts Booster events
Art show to benefit Heifer International
Pins to benefit Japanese Tsunami victims
Elementary school murals
Design the E15M and the Grad Night T-shirts
Art for the the school district conference rooms

Some of our projects: Painting a mural at a local elementary school with a local college class Art Service Learning is a key part of both years. Glass blowers
Fine Artist
Graphic designer
Jewelry Artist
Fashion designer
Gallery Director
Animation Professor
Ceramic Artist
Printmaker In Art Studio 2, we go on job shadows and do internships. Each student is assigned a 4th grade buddy from the elementary school across the street.
We help them learn art skills and we act as role models. Art Studio 1 also mentors our Marigold buddies. In Art Studio 1 we have CSUC Art Mentors. Mosaic benches on Campus Cafeteria murals by Art Studio 2.

Pastels in the Quad Make art on campus. The second library exhibit, our SPRING FINALE, is in May. PV Art Receptions are catered by the PV Culinary class. The first show is in November. Students are expected to be there! Make your mark:
Art exhibits in PV library. We have 8 computers with CS3 which includes photo shop.
We have 2 scanners, one large format.
We have a large scale printer.
We have digital cameras and a video camera for students to use. We have technology in the studio... Students are expected to be artistic in EVERYTHING they do.
Re-design a Bag
Students find their own unique style and develop it! Make individual artwork for portfolio and display
Do printmaking, scratchboard, and graphic design.
Paint large scale!
Go on an art interview and meet local artists.
Art Service Learning Project
Art-related field trips
Learn more about art careers and art schools 2nd year

Learn the art basics
Use them to create original art Students try painting in watercolor or acrylics, creating graphic design or working with clay.
1st year:
Learn art skills
Make individual artwork for portfolio and display
Create a meaningful design log (sketchbook)
Art Service Learning Project (s)
Go on art-related field trips
Be mentors to Marigold Buddies
Learn about art careers and schools 2 year program for 10th, 11th and 12th grade. Three-part emphasis:
studio work/portfolio, art exhibitions, and art service learning. Students are encouraged to:
Be engaged!
Make friends. Make art. Make connections. To provide students interested in art with a in-depth two year (if possible) art experience that goes beyond the “normal” high school art experience.

For students to have fun and discover
how satisfying it is to
create their vision through
hard work. Goal Art Studio 2 Class of 2013 Art Studio 1 @ PV

Art is about
The question for students is:
What do you want to say? Each student has their own
“design log”. We meet with our mentors about 3 or 4 times a year.
The idea is to learn from them about art, art fields, and making the transition from high school to college. March (Youth Art Month): Chico Public Library
March: Chico Art Center, “Creative Fusion”
May/June: Silver Dollar Fair
June: University Art Gallery, CSUC
Ongoing: Our fabulous website! We also exhibit our work in the Chico community.
To provide students with an art foundation that will ready them for post-secondary study or a variety of careers in the visual arts
…as they learn about the many types of art careers!

Purpose Warning! This isn’t “just a class”. It’s the… Artistic digital self-portraits Students write artist statements and sit with their art to answer questions. Murals and T-shirt design at our high school Painting Faces The Program coordinator
Our school librarian
A school counselor
A member of our administration
Other art teachers
Interested English teachers "Artist": Art Service Learning Set designs for school plays
Art activities for Senior Citizens
Organize “Art for Lunch” events
Empty Bowls: Poster and Decorations
Helping at a local Fashion Show More Projects
Drawing portraits Relay for Life Thank you for attending this presentation! rrickmers@chicousd.org Some of the Design Log page assignments: Art Studio is…
Inspirational quote page…using at least three fonts
Watercolor/life story
Page for someone they care about
The I AM page

Each student has their own e-portfolio. The idea is to get students to
think like an artist. We tour the art department to see what it has to offer.
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