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No description

kasra vahidi

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of HIGH SCHOOL

Autobiography Growth Goals Goals Thanks Goals My short term goals:
-Go to UBC
-While in UBC, volunteer with the engineers without borders
-Take Co-op with a construction company
-Establish a club in UBC, with the help of engineering students
-Get my bachelors in 4 years (with minor in business)
-Apply to my dream university for masters, Caltech
-Get my masters from Caltech and start working Early stage:
-Born in Tabriz, on April 15'th 1995 in an "academic" family and Tri-lingual.
-The only GINGER child in the family
-Aram Kindergarten Some examples of my growth:
-Have been successful in my studying
-Have set my goals clearly
-Have learned how to communicate with others effectively and build up relations
-Learned how to lead and not to boss around (but have to work on being a good leader)
-Learned to help others with their needs MY LIFE-AND GOALS My medium term goals :D
-Start renovating houses
-Establishing my own construction company
-Reuniting with my old friends
-Building inexpensive houses with high quality (I have to think on finding a way) :) My long term goals:
-Being the CEO of a group of companies which include construction, import & export, finance, and insurance (it's a big goal, but it's reachable)
-Establishing a charity to help financially in-need students
- and many more that will come to my mind along the way for your time,
i'm ready for any questions :D MAY SIXTH 2013 Second Stage:
-Roozbeh Elementary school
-Nodet Middle School
-Having trouble with math...
-Sports and Academic achievement
-Transition from middle school to high school HIGH SCHOOL in IRAN:
-Nodet High school
-Studying hard for KONKOOR
-Grade 10 and getting ready for a new experience High School in CANADA:
-New world (with some difficulties)
-My growth was now balanced in many areas, not only academically
-New courses helped me realize my true potential
-Things I did and got involved
-Transition to university
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