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Predictive Modeling with R, PMML and ADAPA

R Users Group (Bay Area) - Presentation: Building predictive analytic models in R, exporting in PMML and using ADAPA for model deployment and execution.

Alex Guazzelli

on 23 October 2010

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Transcript of Predictive Modeling with R, PMML and ADAPA

Model Development R/Rattle allows for reliable data manipulation and model development Predictive Models Devopment
Execution Model Deployment PMML allows for easy expression and deployment of data transformations and data mining models ADAPA: available for on-site and cloud deployments
Excel Add-in: scores from within Excel
PMML Converter: validates, converts and correct

Member of the DMG: helping to shape PMML
Code contributor for the R PMML Package

PMML Book: available on Amazon
PMML Blogs
PMML Articles: R Journal and others
Model Execution Instant execution of models in ADAPA via Web Console, Web Services and Excel Phases of the CRISP-DM Process Model Rattle Developed by Togaware - Australia
Offers a simple graphical interface for data analytics and model development
Great way to learn R as it shows produced R code
It is open source
Exports models in PMML Predictive Model Markup Language Standard used to represent data mining models
Avoid proprietary issues and incompatibilities
Share models between compliant applications
Eliminates need for custom model deployment PMML Structure PMML defines a standard not only to represent data-mining models, but also data transformations A Data Dictionary defines all the input data fields
Several data transformations strategies allow for intelligent extraction of feature detectors
A comphreensive list of data mining models offers power and flexibility
Model explanation allows for performance evaluation Industry Support Mature Standard - current version 4.0
Data Mining Group (dmg.org)
Active group and constant enhancements
Vendor independent consortium

Supporters include:
Exporting Models from R Why? Memory
Freedom Because you can! How? Supported Packages/Objects nnet: Neural Networks
hclust: Clustering
rpart: Decision Trees
arules: Association Rules
ksvm: SVMs
lm/glm: Regression
kmeans: Clustering
randomForest From R to PMML R users group - bay area Predictive Modeling with R, PMML and ADAPA Alex Guazzelli, PhD
Zementis, Inc. One Standard, One Process A (new) first book on PMML What now? ADAPA by Zementis Predictive Scoring Engine
Accessible from anywhere
Real-time execution of models
Drools to integrate business logic Accessible from anywhere ADAPA on Amazon EC2 Software as a service
Up/Down scaling as needed
Pay-as-you-go (starting at $.99 per hour)
Amazon experience and reliability Model Execution Model Execution via iPhone From model building to model deployment Zementis Contributions PMML ADAPA Why? How? What? Thank you! R The yin yang of model deployment It's demo time! Exporting PMML from R It's demo time! Executing PMML from inside Excel It's demo time! Scoring in ADAPA
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