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North vs South

Civil War-Strengths and weaknesses, goals, and reasons for fighting for both the North and the South

Dustin Worm

on 17 May 2016

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Transcript of North vs South

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Each side had its reasons...
Each side had its strengths & weaknesses ....
Each side had its Strategies ...
Each side had its own leaders ...
Each side would lose ...
The first causality
of war is innocence…



Each side convinced that
it's cause was just
* It was a war of Independence
Like the revolution of 1776
* Wanted to keep
thier way of life
including the institution of Slavery
* States Rights
North's Reasons...
To maintain the Union
would rather be assassinated then to live to
see even one star removed from our flag.

His goal in life was to preserve
the Union he loved so much.
Abolishing slavery
was not an
official goal
Many Northerners supported or
did not care if there was slavery
"My paramount object in this
struggle is to save the Union, and is
not either to save or to destroy slavery.
If I could save the Union without freeing
any slave I would do it, and if I could
save it by freeing all the slaves I would
do it; and if I could save it by freeing
some and leaving others alone I would
also do that."
~Abraham Lincoln
Norths Strengths
Large Population
4 times that of the south
These people could and did
volunteer, work in the fields,
and work in the factories making
90 percent of USA
manufactured good
in the North
70 percent of railroads
were in the northen region
of the United States
Most of the United States Navy and
trading ships were owned by the North
Souths Strengths
Defensive War
The land
the Cuase
Keep as much land as possible
Since they were for freedom they did not need to conquer land just maintain it
"We seek no conquest. All we ask
is to be left alone"
~Jefferson Davis
Fighting for...
Way of life
Home land (defending)
They know the land

Civilians helped them
showed them roads that
were not on maps
Most notable Army Officials
were from the south
Norths Weaknesses
Souths Weaknesses
In order to save the Union
they would have to conquer
all of the land in the South
Fighting on unfamiliar land
Fighting in the south meant that "strengths" like railroad, large population, and supplies were weakened because they would have to be shipped (boat and train) great distances.
Lack of good Generals at start of war
Few Factories to produce goods
Economic weaknesses
lack of factories
One crop dominated economy
Most railroads went from
back to POINT A
Gov't had little power under their constitution
Gov't had hard time getting things done
Small Population
9 million to Norths 22 million

of the 9 million 3-4
million were slaves
Jefferson Davis
Served in Mexican War
Secretary of War (Pierce)
Would rather fight in the war
than be president
Robert E Lee
Respected by all as a great leader
Asked by Lincoln to command Union army
Decided to command Confederate Army
Abe Lincoln
Little experience in politics and miltary matters
Turned out to be great at both
Ulysses S Grant
Determination and Fearless
Battle of Fort Donelson

~Confederate Army asked for
meeting to discuss surrender
~Try "one" Said he would not
talk to a message boy of low rank
~Try "two" his reply"No terms
except unconditional... can be
1. Anaconda Plan
North's Plan
2. Capture Richmond
3. Control Mississippi
Stop shippment of supplies to Confederate Army
South's Plan
1. Defensive Battle
2. Aid from Europe
Fight until Northerners were tired of fighting
Hope Northers would become upset with
length of war and became unpopular with citizens
Europe needed Souths Cotton
to supply its factories
Hoped they would side and
recongize the south as independent
Height 5'8"
Weight 145 lbs
Age 25
100,000 in Union were under 15 years old
1 in 10 were wounded
1 in 13 died from disease
1 in 65 killed in action
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