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on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Tsunamis


Physical damage
Why the tsunamis in Japan happen?
Safety Precautions
There are a few ways you can keep your self safe from a tsunami. Firstly, get to high ground where the water can not get to you. Also leave and valuables behind for your life is more important.
Earthquake underwater.
Japan after the earthquake and tsunami. Even huge sips were swept onto main land.
Earth's plates around Japan
I was affected by the tsunami; I was going to Hawaii the day after the tsunami and the hotel that I was staying at had to close their pool because there was seaweed and fish washed up into it.
Here is " The Ring of Fire" on a map.
" The Ring of Fire" is a circle that goes along the coast of every country except Europe.
How it affects people directly:
Many homes and building had been destroyed
Here is a video on what it was like for the residents in Japan when the tsunami was happening.
How it affects people indirectly:
Many organizations sent help for the people in Japan.
Here are more people helping in Japan.
By: Emma, Abby, Garrett & Stewart
Thanks for watching!
This is the power plant in Fukushima Daiichi
In western USA, the people are complaining about radiations coming over the Ocean and killing animals
These are some pictures of Japan after the tsunami.
leave valuables behind even money
the tsunami in japan happened because of an earthquake.
Japan's Prime Minister was very sympathetic to the people of Japan
The British sent in tonnes of search and rescue teams and donated 100 tonnes of bottled water.
The Japanese government set up a help line for anyone who needed it.
- Tsunamis can be as long as 100km and be as long as 1 hour apart
-there were 7 fore shocks
-over 1200 aftershocks witch may last for years
-occurred in Tokyo which has close to 10 million residents
- majority of deaths were 60 years of age or older
-U.S deployed 6000 solders to help with the disaster
- The Earthquake broke off icebergs from the sulzberger ice shelf
-as the Tsunami crossed the pacific ocean a 1.5 meter wave killed more than 110 000 nesting sea birds
- A tsunami is not a single wave but a series of waves also known as a wave train the first wave is not necessarily the most destructive Tsunamis are not tidal waves.
-Tsunamis are able to cross entire oceans without a great loss of energy
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