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Saudi Arabia Prezi

This is a prezi on Saudi Arabia by Kathryn and Aubrey

Mel Reid

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Saudi Arabia Prezi

Saudi Arabia
The U.S.A
The U.S has been an ally to Saudi Arabia since 1940, and still is in the year of 2014. But they might be considering ending the alliance...
Animals in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabian Foods
* Saudi Arabia's capital is Riydh.
* Saudi Arabia's GDP is 576.82 billion U.S. dollars. (2011)
* Saudi Arabia's population is 28.08 million people. (2011)
* Saudi Arabia's area is 1,960,582 square kilometers.
*Rial is their currency.
*Saudi Arabia's main religion is 100% Muslim.
Some animals in Saudi Arabia are...
*The Arabian Oryx
*The Arabian Wolf
*The Fennec Fox
*The Sand Cat
*The Patrizi's Trident Leaf Nosed Bat
*The Arabian Camel
By Kathryn Reid and Aubrey Bethay
In Saudi Arabia, there are many
types of foods, such as...

*Fatir, or flat bread
*Hawayij, a spice blend
*Haysa Al-Tumreya, a dip for dates (Dates are a food, not an event!)
*Kapsa, or chicken and rice
*Laban Drink, or a yogurt drink

Some food the Saudi's make for religious occasions are...

*Tabbouleh, a Bulgur Wheat Salad
*Saudi Arabian Rice
Laban Drink
*Saudi Arabia's government is a monarchy.
Photo Gallery
The Arabian Wolf
The Sand Cat

Patrizi's Trident Leaf Nosed Bat
The Arabian Camel
Location of Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia's Flag
A Map of Saudi Arabia's Cities
Popular Sports in Saudi Arabia Include:
* Camel racing
*Horse racing
*Football (Our soccer)

Jordan is one of Saudi Arabia's closest allies.
Saudi Arabian 'Football' Team
Camel Racing
Saudi Arabia's climate is very hot during the day and cold during the evening. The average temperature in the summer is 45 degrees Celsius and in the winter it rarely goes below 0 degrees Celsius. The spring and autumn have an average temperature of about 29 degrees Celsius.
Garlic Flower- Found in Saudi Arabia
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