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Mobile Augmented Reality

Seminar course

Karol rt

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Mobile Augmented Reality

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com M o b i l e A u g m e n t e d R e a l i t y Contents 1.Introduction
a.Augmented reality
ii.A Unique 'New' Medium
iii.History -from a backpack to AREngine-
2. Mobile Augmented Reality
a.Different Types of mobile AR
i.Recognition based
ii.Location based
b.Augmented city
Helsinki: Arabian ranta project
i.Wikitude, Layar, Metaio (junaio)
ii. Others
3. metaio AREngine
4. Discussion
5. Conclusion Augmented reality A way to change the view of the person looking its surroundings due to enhanced content overlaying the natural view of the person at any location or on any object. Characteristics of an AR application A unique NEW medium 1. Blending the VIRTUAL and PHYSICAL world
2. Continuous and implicit user control of the point of view History From a backpack to the AREngine 1968 - Ivan Sutherland First steps Go smart-phone! Other ways of mobile AR Sixth Sense - Google Sense Integrated in the everyday life, more than the smartphones First steps Different Types of mobileAR Mobile Augmented Reality Recognition based Location based 3D optical tracking Companies HTML5
SDKs Content:
Location based (Geo-objects, POI)
3D objects Common features Always On,
Always Augmented Layer/world/channel
publishing for free
mobile SDK (docs)
watermark | | Premium Layers and Creator
Target: magazines
Broad presence
Very commercialized (easy to use, for average user)
Mobile SDK
Comprehensive Statistics Worlds' first mobile Augmented Reality browser Wikitude Worlds

Developer - SDK
unique Field of Vision, FOV
GEO fence
Relative location
Animation (groups)
3D transformations
Direction indicator
3D content (2013)
additional step
files: .dae - .fbx

One license per platform Low customization
Geo layers not included in Layar SDK
Highly branded - Layar logo
Only Android and iPhone
"in 60 seconds" Others
Total immersion
Defiant Dev
http://worksnug.com/ Prices comparison Pro Basics 4.950€ 2.990€/$3,490 Free** 15€ per page Native App development for iOS, Android and Windows
3D Rendering engine
Plugin for Unity3D
Next: Scaling content Time None €2,500 / $3,250 Yearly Fee Limited statistics
Free pages with ads 1499€ Lifetime of app 99€*/599€ Educational and Trial* for free metaioCreator 490€ / $530 Free Demo http://www.augmentedcity.org/metaioCreator
users: junaio
3D optical tracking
AREL in SDK and junaio publishing Free** ** with watermark 120€ - 275€ 6 months
1 or 2 years SDK SDK SDK The most advanced AR technology in the industry i.From 3ds max studio can be exported
ii.Obj files
a.Dae, fbx wt3
b.Obj files
iii.Materials (png)
iv.Libraries 3D models in AR Discussion How possible is this technology to be integrated in the ordinary life of the people?
or how real is this? Conclusion 1. To be aware of the impact of this fast-growing industry because it is changing the way we buy and sell, live and share.

2. AR is a new medium that opens the possibilities of living everyday life. Therefore we have to be ready to integrate this technology... or not. 1992 - Tom Caudell and David Mizell
1997 - Steve Feiner et al. present MARS.
1997 - Thad Starner and the first network over AR First steps References http://www.metaio.com/

http://www.cc.gatech.edu/~thad/ Mobile device (camera, GPS, accelerometer, compass) Account's limitations Growing industry The contemporary period Mobile device ready
Smoother integration
Scaling content First steps 1998 - Bruce Thomas present "map-on-the-hat"
1999 - Hirokazu Kato and Mark Billinghurst present ARToolKit 1999 - Total Immersion patents D'Fusion technology.
3D graphics Augmented city The vision http://www.augmentedcity.org/ Augmented Arabianranta An Augmented 500 Years Old City in Helsinki 3/31 4/31 5/31 6/31 7/31 8/31 9/31 11/31 12/31 13/31 14/31 15/31 16/31 17/31 18/31 19/31 20/31 21/31 22/31 23/31 24/31 25/31 26/31 27/31 28/31 29/31 30/31 Thanks for listening 31/31 M o b i l e A u g m e n t e d R e a l i t y An impact of AR in the present time
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