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France Colonization

No description

France Niger

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of France Colonization

Colonization of Niger

In 1922 the French took over Niger and it became an official colony.
Niger is located in the northwest part of Africa, and is in the south-western part of the Sahara.

There was a lot of Uranium and Commercial Agriculture in Niger.
What was the colony used for?

This colonization did not seem so stable, It would not be very nice to live in Niger in that time.
What was life like in this colony during colonization?
They did not have much say in the government, they were not treated very well.
How were the Africans living in this colony treated?
In 1960, the Niger native were granted independence. Diori was the prime minister at the time.
When did this colony gain independence?
They had an election. There were only 60 seats in the building, and 54 voted for independence. 6 did not. December 18th 1958 is the national holiday known as Republic Day.
How did they gain independence? Was it peaceful or violent?
In 1926, The french moved the Capital Zinder, to what is now Niamey.
Fun Facts!
By, Jaxon, Alex H. and Izzy
Thanks for watching!
France Colonization of Niger
Where was it located?
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