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The Hunger Games Field Guide

No description

Kalene Fernandez

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of The Hunger Games Field Guide

Kalene Fernandez Hunger Games Field guide of Plants and Animals Also known as the Arrowhead Plant Katniss Plant Tall with leaves that
look like an arrowhead Blossoms with three
white pedals In the middle of the
pedals there is
purple pollen Katniss name is symbolic
with this plant because
of her skills in archery Grows around District 12 Katniss was named after this plant Roots are small blueish tubers The roots can be boiled or baked, like a potato Wild Plant with poisonous berries Nightlock Berries Katniss and Peeta used this berry to win the 74th Hunger Games Juices inside will kill someone instantly Foxface was killed rapidly after eating the berries Found in the arena, District 12 and District 13 I had just turned away from Peeta Mellark's bruised face when I saw the dandelion and I knew hope wasn't lost. I plucked it carefully and hurried home. I grabbed a bucket and Prim's hand and headed to the Meadow and yes, it was dotted with the golden-headed weeds. After we'd harvested those, we scrounged along inside the fence for probably a mile until we filled the bucket with the dandelion greens, stems and flowers." -Katniss Dandelions When she sees the field of dandelions,
she gains confidence in her ability to feed her family Dandelion leaves have more beta carotene
than carrots and more iron than spinach. The root can be applied as an herbal remedy for
a number of ailments and the
milky sap can soothe bee stings and blisters. Symbol of Hope for Katniss Primrose Everdeen
was named after
an evening
primrose flower PrimRose Primrose is
as a beautiful
and delicate
flower The evening primrose is a medicinal plant,
called "king's-cure-all, and a softening agent Rue Herb of Grace symbol of both
regret and freedom plant of purity and
it is featured in many
cultural and religious
ceremonies When Rue was killed, Katniss's
regret became a sense
of freedom Katniss dug up the roots and ate them by the pond Pond Lilies "Tomorrow I’ll stay here, resting, camouflaging my backpack with mud, catching some of those little fish I saw as I sipped, digging up the roots of the pond lilies to make a nice meal." - Katniss Pond lily roots are
enormous, spongy,
and sold in many
street markets “I slowly chew the stuff as I walk along ... it’s a little hard to choke down.” -Katniss With not much to eat, Katniss turns to a pine tree Its soft inner bark can be a good meal needles are a good source of Vitamin C Native Americans often chewed on pine tree bark during the winter months to conserve food reserves When Katniss emerges from the tracker jacker hallucinations, she reaches for a honeysuckle to soothe her spirits and sweeten her tongue. Honeysuckle Gales nickname for Katniss when they first met Catnip These roots can be
used to arrest bleeding can be made into a
poultice to help with
swellings, boils, and inflamed skin antiseptic
qualities and
is used for
kidney and
bladder complaints can be used for any
wounds, sores, and
burns sweet and
highly nutritious Roots are edible Leaves are edible Mint flavor Can be used in salad or tea Help heal bruises and digestive disorders delicious when baked Parsnip Roots added to soups,
cakes and pies leaves are also edible and can be added to soups Great for treating external inflammation and sores mimic voices and sing back parts of songs Mocking Jay Rue sings with the mocking jay Katniss does not get along with this cat Buttercup Friend of Primrose Pine Tree Good mouser Lady the goat Katniss wears a mocking jay pin in the Games Goat of Primrose Was attacked by wild dogs Katniss bought the goat
for Prims birthday Provides milk
and cheese for the family Male bird that was created by the capital to spy on enemies and rebels Jabber Jay Ability to memorize and repeat entire human conversations Tracker Jackers "Most people can't tolerate more than a few stings.
Most die at once. If you live, the hallucinations brought
on by the venom have actually drawn people to madness."
-Katniss Created by the gamemakers Attack who disturbs their nest Strings cause vemon to inject in the body and cause swelling and hallucinations can hijack the memory in a form of torture Created by the gamemakers Wolf Mutts Made of the tributes dead bodies Released on the final 3 tributes,
Katniss, Peeta and Cato able to balance on their hind legs and jump very high, and had four-inch long razor-sharp claws had a collar that marked the district number
of the tribute it was based on Had the eyes that looked human Attacked Cato Groosling Wild Bird Size of a
turkey Hunted in the
Hunger Games Katniss and Rue feasted off Groosling Commonly found in District 11 Rabbits Gale and Katniss hunted rabbit Not a filling meal Trade for bread Wild Dog "Once it's in the soup, I'll call it beef."
-Greasy Sae to Katniss and Gale on the trade of a wild dog Katniss and Gale
hunted wild dog Traded with Greasy Sae Design and control the hunger games GameMakers Control how
many deaths Want the games
to be bloody Make the games
frightening Will not allow the games to be boring If gamemaker
does not like a
tribute, they can
kill them off Known to love food and drink Plants Animals Hideous looking cat
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