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Organizational Chart

No description

Valerie Manning

on 22 September 2016

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Transcript of Organizational Chart

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Acquisitions & Dispositions
Finance & Accounting
Step 3
Organizational Chart
Corey Donahue, Regional President
Tom Selby, Regional Vice President
CJ Beattie, Vice President of Operations
Director of Acquisitions, Dan Scanlon
George Stewart, Analyst
Sam Evans, Analyst
Erin Spake, Analyst
Constantine Flamio, Accounting Manager
Julie Billings, Accounts Payable Manager
Carrie Cox, Accounts Receivable Specialist
Chelsea Thayer, Bookkeeper
Cheyenne Jenks, AP Specialist
Judy Ramos, AP Specialist
Kelly Padilla, AP Specialist
Marina Peters, AP Specialist
Erin NeSmith, Regional Office Manager
Janet Boergers, Receptionist
Valerie Manning, Assistant to the Regional Office Manager
Regional General
Property Management Maintenance
Doug Davis, Resident Services Director
Nancy O'Bryant, Dispatch Manager
Edmee Caraballo, Dispatcher
Jodi Hodges, Dispatcher
Sarah Crager, Administrative Assistant
Rand Medlock, Resident Services Supervisor
Jennifer Romig, Resident Services Supervisor
Kevin Keys, Resident Services Supervisor
Resident Services Technicians
Chuck Burgess
Craig Starks
Frank Daleandro
Jerry Costa
Jimmy Harriman
Josh Davidson
Kelvin Rodriguez
Paul Sotnick
Rick Fields
Rick Hall
Ron Goldin
Ron Pierson
Shawn Dickmyer
Steve Hendley
Paul Elkins, Regional Director of Rehab & Residential Services
Sherry Pine, Regional Financial Controller
Joe Palmer, Divisional Director, Human Resources
Property Management Operations
Jerry Lee Hanbery, Regional Counsel

Cynthia Medford, AP Specialist
Linda Sykes, Leasing Manager
Gaby Baldizon, Senior Portfolio Manger
Tammy Bales, Senior Portfolio Manager
Portfolio Managers
Angela Matos
Erika Vergara
Kesha Lewis
Lilly Marte
Tammy Woodham
Angel Brown
Maria Klingensmith
Jose Vega
Lilly Marte
Tierra Smith
Portfolio Managers
Eileen Sliwka, TIP Manager
Sharon O'Dea, Assistant Portfolio Manager
Judy Quezada, TIP Field Inspector
Thomas Fatula, TIP Field Inspector

Rubin Memon, TIP Specialist
Keith Kalm, Sales Leasing Manager
HOA Administrators
Kelly Albers, Marketing Manager
Jazmin Thadani, Marketing Coordinator
Call Center
Albert Viamontes, Call Center Supervisor
Customer Service Representatives
Andrea Barnes
Ana Ribot
Gregory Prox
Katherine Potter
Wendy Hudson
Wendy Garcia
Assistant Portfolio Managers
Angela Lund
Cindy Heffernan
Derek Hester
Lelah Hughes
Nick Crooke
Racquel Garcia
Sherri Jackson
Terrikay Mullen
Vanessa Timapno
Brittany Ecker
Dara Brumsted
Denisse Garcia
Gale Love, Utilities Coordinator
Tammy Bingham, Construction Manager
Eddie Dickmyer, Construction Manager
Brian Christie, Construction Manager
Mark Johnson, Construction Manager
Kent Makin, Construction Manager
Frank Redding, Director of Rehab
Construction Superintendents
Dave Williams
Mike Cooke
Mike Harris
Mike Rodriguez
Construction Superintendents
German Varela
Chris Miller
Mark Ozee
Mike Bushman
Tim Yawn, Construction Superintendent
Rosie Johnson, Administrative Assistant
Bill Gardner, Construction Superintendent
Robbie Hippensteel, Construction Superintendent
Terralyn Seilkop, Administrative Assistant
Construction Superintendents
Carlos Ginel
Charles Young
Joel Xavier
Larry O'Dea
Louie Gross
Wayne Holmes
Bill Brown
Danielle Connolly
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