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Cookie Mining Lab

No description

Jade McDaniel

on 18 April 2014

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Transcript of Cookie Mining Lab

Like most resources, minerals are distributed unevenly around the world. Minerals are concentrated in various areas of Earth's crust due to natural processes. Obtaining these minerals for human use involves four general steps:
What can we learn about the relationships between the costs and benefits of mining and land reclamation?
Data and Observations
Name of land area: Chips Ahoy!
Analysis and Conclusions
My cookie mining experience was easier than i thought it would have been. I didn't face any challenges during this process.
Reflection Questions
Were the minerals evenly distributed throughout the cookie mines? How do you think this applies to the real world?
- No, I do not think the minerals were evenly distributed throughout the cookie. I think this applies to the real world because it is the same for in a real mine. The minerals won't be evenly distributed.
Cookie Mining Lab
1) Locating the minerals.
2) Extracting the minerals from Earth in the form of ore or rock.
3) Processing the ore to separate the impurities from the desired mineral.
4) Creating a useful product from the minerals.
We can learn that the relationship between the cost and benefits of mining and land reclamation can be high but the benefits of mining will be higher.
Purchase price of land area: $5.00
Round toothpick: 2 x $5.00 = $10.00
Total: $15.00
Mining and reclamation time: 1 minute x $2.00 = $2.00
Total: $17.00
Number of chocolate chips obtained = 12 x $2.00 = $24.00
Total fines: $0.00
Revenue - Fines - Costs = $7.00

Were you able to restore the land exactly as it was prior to mining? What does this tell you about the reclamation of land after mining?
- No, I was not able to restore the land exactly as it was prior to mining. This tells me about reclamation is that no matter what you do if you take something out of the land you can restore it to how it was exactly before.
Obviously, legislation requiring the reclamation of the land makes mining more expensive. Is this additional expense necessary? Why or why not?
- I think this additional expense is necessary because the land they take it from doesn't really profit from it because they just ruin their land and leave with what they took.
Would you change your mining techniques in this activity? Why or why not?
- I probably would not change my techniques but I might have changed the land I bought and the tools I used so I could have profited more.
Reflection Questions
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