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Strategic Corporate Communications in a Nutshell

A storytelling approach to describing what lies ahead in this course.

Andrea Niosi

on 14 July 2010

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Transcript of Strategic Corporate Communications in a Nutshell

Strategic Corporate Communications Key topics Corporate Storytelling Public Relations Marketing communications Investor Relations CSR Change Management Crisis Management Intranets & Internal Communications Case Studies Exxon Google in China Arthur Andersen Dow Corning weekly entries
course concepts
assigned readings
guest speakers
case studies Assignments Blogs Corporate Storytelling presentation I am Andrea Niosi... BCIT “the management of reputation - the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organization and its publics” (UK Institute of PR) Why storytelling works...
opportunity to live out core values Corporate Reputation “Continuous, planned, deliberate, sustained marketing activities that identify, establish, maintain and enhance both long and short term relationships between a company and not only its prospective and present investors, but also other financial analysts and stakeholders.” (Richard R. Dolphin, The Strategic role of investor relations) Why people resist change...
desire not to lose something of value
misunderstanding of the change and its implications
belief that the change does not make sense of the organization
low tolerance for change ...a major catastrophe that may occur either naturally or as a result of human error, intervention, or even malicious intent.
...can include tangible devastation, such as destruction of lives or assets, or intangible devastation, such as the loss of an organization’s credibility or other reputational damage ...usually has significant actual or potential financial impact on a company, and it usually affects multiple constituencies in more than one market. "But who will audit the auditors...?!" Valdez A social media advocate I am...
An educator
A marketer


RSS feeds...check
Prezi...check and this is A mom How to succeed in this course actively participate use your analytical tools keep blogs up to date read instructions carefully unleash your inner creativity Corporate Social Responsibility:
donation demonstrate you've done the readings and of course...case studies ...and their pals over at
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