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Reasons why YOU shouldn't smoke cigarettes...

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Liz Gomez

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Reasons why YOU shouldn't smoke cigarettes...

IV. Your body is your temple. It is a home for your soul and it is important that you take good care of it. When you put too much toxic and harmful chemicals into the body, it will react differently by diminishing your natural looks.
Smoking can cost you an arm and a leg- literally.
A. Some people have had amputations from smoking cigarettes. An amputation is the removal of an injured or diseased body part. The poor circulation of blood can cause a body part to get infected, for example, a foot, fingers, legs or an arm. It's shameful, a person shouldn't have to go that far before realizing that their health is not in good shape.
It is easy to begin, but it's hard to quit.
A. Cigarettes are highly addictive. Smokers find it hard to quit because they are addicted to the nicotine inside. And anything that is addictive is not a good sign of a healthy lifestyle.

B. Another damage that can be caused by cigarettes is the removal of your voice box in your throat. People who damage their voice box from smoking end up needing surgery, which results of them breathing through a stoma. (It is a hole (opening) in the skin, in front of the neck to allow them to breath.
By all means, smoking cigarettes is just unattractive and unhealthy, so why begin? if you want to live and long and healthy life, then make the right choices. If my grandfather wouldn't have begun smoking, or at least had tried to stop, then maybe he could have been alive to hear this speech. Maybe I could have changed his mind too. Remember, anything that is addictive is not good for you. So before you decide to light up a cigarette, think about your future, and the dangers that you are exposing yourself to.
Reasons why YOU should not smoke cigarettes...
With time...

A. Teeth will begin to change and stain yellow.
B. Nails will turn yellow and become sensitive/brake easily.
C. Wrinkles on face and skin will develop faster than expected.
D. Hair loss will begin to develop.
F. Can make you appear older than what you really are.
G. Can affect children and adults who inhale second hand smoke.
H. Cigarette smokers die younger than non-smokers.

The dangers of smoking cigarettes.
A. cigarettes have been the causes of many diseases and deaths around the world, such as long term respiratory problems, heart diseases and the number one disease, cancer.

I. Types of cancer caused by smoking cigarettes:
A. Lung cancer
B. Kidney cancer
C. Throat cancer
D. Mouth cancer
E. Esophagus cancer
F. Stomach cancer
G. Some types of leukemia
H. Cancer of the nose and sinuses
what is nicotine?
A. Nicotine is a fast acting drug that companies use in cigarettes and tobacco. It is what makes the person inhaling, or chewing the tobacco feel good. Nicotine reaches the brain within fifteen seconds of being inhaled. Without nicotine, smokers wouldn't be so addictive to cigarettes and the death rates would drop.
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