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No description

Fabrice Quertain

on 13 September 2010

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Transcript of Greenland

Double click anywhere & add an idea Synergies between
EU RTDI funding instruments
Increasing recognition of need to promote synergies between the research funding instruments
How this file has developed
Future steps Following earlier work by the EP, EURAB & the CREST…
COMMUNICATION FROM THE COMMISSION “COMPETITIVE EUROPEAN REGIONS THROUGH RESEARCH AND INNOVATION: A contribution to more growth and more and better jobs” COM(2007) 474 final (16.08.2007)
COMMISSION Staff Working Paper SEC(2007) 1045 (16.08.2007)
Main responsibility for promoting synergies : MS and regions. COMMUNICATION'S CONCLUSIONS OVERVIEW A practical guide to help research institutions and companies to identify the most appropriate source of funding for them.
Improving information exchange with national/regional authorities so that they know what organisations receive FP7 and CIP grants.
Report on progress at national and regional level in coordinated use of Community instruments and examples of best practice.
The “Practical Guide” Drafted jointly by the Commission services responsible for research and innovation
Available on CORDIS in six languages since December 2008. Most popular download on the site other than calls.
Now translated in the other EU languages.
Improved website and revised guide by Spring 2010. Towards more synergies However, EC will act as a facilitator through various actions to make better use of European funding: Typology of examples of synergies Synergies at policy level
Relevant authorities organise conferences, websites & programme design Synergies at programme & project level Simultaneous use of Structural Funds, FP7 & CIP to support separate but related activities in a research sector, programme or project.
Use of the funds in sequence:
- Structural Funds first followed by FP7 or CIP
- FP7 or CIP first followed by Structural Funds
Specific case when different funds support different phases in development of a technology

Envisaged developments Extend the scope of the Practical Guide and Mind Map to other research funding instruments Fabrice QUERTAIN
fabrice.quertain@ec.europa.eu Mind map of EU RTDI funding sources
and support services For further information Practical Guide :
http://cordis.europa.eu/eu-funding-guide/home_en.html Mind Map :
http://cordis.europa.eu/eu-funding-guide/rel-info_en.html DEMO TIME
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